Chris Perez investigation, Tribe struggles, firing umpires and more with TD – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-05

WFNY Podcast LogoThere’s not much conclusive news about Chris Perez right now, and that took some of the wind out of our sails. Still, we had a conversation about a lot of the “what ifs” before getting into the real meat of the Indians’ troubles right now as they work through the hardest part of their schedule so far this season.

  • The historical perspective and how the world will look at Marijuana

  • Chris Perez and the marijuana debate

  • The 10,000 foot view and whether or not this is a big deal

  • This isn’t shocking and the rich and famous get caught up in this

  • The national drunk hotline and Jim Rome’s celebrity drunk bus

  • The Bosch case in Miami and the looming penalties

  • Jamey Carroll and the lack of a backup shortstop

  • The benefit to the Indians if Jhonny Peralta gets suspended

  • Asdrubal Cabrera and just how long he might be out

  • Mike Aviles and the general state of umpiring in MLB

  • Indians benefit from the calls too. Not a homer take.

  • The umpires that shouldn’t be working anymore. CB Bucknor, Tony Randazzo, and Angel Hernandez

  • J.C. Romero as the left-handed option in the bullpen

  • Carlos Carrasco and how he’ll fit into the bullpen

  • Cody Allen and how much George Carlin would hate his name

  • Jose Lindor and how little you want to start the clock on him

  • The wild card games and how they hamper them

  • Is there anything sillier than a one game playoff?

  • Harv 21

    so here’s my response to Craig’s 10,000 foot view, aka “gimme a break, it’s just pot”: Perez knows purchasing in bulk via mail is illegal (in all states, btw), he knows the MLB will suspend him for quite a while and he knows his teammates are counting on him. This is just selfishness. As in creating yet another distraction from the team mission to win. There’s lots a good teammate doesn’t do even if it is legal: complain constantly, sleep with a teammate’s fiance, lots of stuff.

    The team doesn’t get a 10,000 foot view. Perez is high maintenance and exhausting. They could very well have just lost the chance to seriously compete this year, when the bullpen is already reeling. But no worries, Chris. Pot should be legal, man, everyone knows that.