Carlos Santana and Mark Reynolds are third in AL All-Star voting at their positions

Major League Baseball released the first update for All-Star balloting. Two Indians placed among the leaders at their respective positions.

Catcher Carlos Santana is third in the voting with 547,873 votes, trailing first place vote getter Joe Mauer (863,450) and Baltimore’s Matt Wieters (715,055).

Mark Reynolds (452,708) is also third at designated hitter, trailing David Ortiz (1,045,283) and Texas’ Lance Berkman (672,547).

Voting can be done online at MLB.com or at the ballpark.

Detroit manager Jim Leyland will be the coach of this year’s AL squad. Perhaps that bodes well for the Indians, who have had success against the Tigers this year. It seems unlikely that any of the team will be voted in by the fans, which means the reserve spots will be selected by Leyland and the fan vote for the last player in.

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  • Kevin Huyghe

    If Leyland looks at Santana and thinks he is an all-star then he is truly too old and clueless to still be managing in this league.

  • mgbode

    #6 in the AL in offensive WAR
    #10 in the AL in OBP
    #7 in the AL in OPS+ (adjusted for ballpark, etc.)

    but, that’s not good enough for the allstar team for you?

  • Kevin Huyghe

    If the All Star Game was played on May 2nd he should be in. Look what he has done in the last month. He’s not showing any signs of coming back from that either. In April he had shortened up his swing and was showing alot of promise. Then in May he came out with the same old looping swing-out-of-his-shoes hack where he’s trying to hit it into Lake Erie every time. He’s completely out of whack… again. Plus he’s no asset behind the plate and his mental errors are also inexcusable. He’s good for nothing.

  • mgbode

    the numbers I gave are his overall numbers through yesterday. I actually prefer to look at the numbers from last July through present (give a full year sample between the allstar games). Santana is in a slump, but overall (larger sample size), he’s become one of the premier hitters in the AL. he deserves the nod.

  • ToxicToast

    I don’t know why I can’t let this kind of thing go, but Derek Jeter is the 5th leading vote-getter at shortstop after playing zero games to this point. It’s 100% predictable but it’s still absurd. I’m sure Jason Varitek is still getting write-in votes.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    I know, they should totally DFA him and let Lou Marson work his magic!

  • Harv 21

    if in the big scheme sports are irrelevant, then mid-season all-star selections are double-compounded irrelevance.

    Keep irrelevance unprocessed and organic, as it was meant to be. This is what Sweetest Day is to Valentine’s Day. Demand purity and boycott this transparently money-driven sham. Or stuff the ballot boxes with write-ins for Jack Hannahan.