Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic blasts Dan Gilbert for not signing LeBron James

Dan GilbertAs much as we’d all like to just go on with our lives and ignore anything coming from Miami or Bristol, Connecticut about the Heat and LeBron James, it seems we can’t get away from it.

Today the Mayor of Akron decided to open his mouth and speak out of ignorance.

“One day after James won his second consecutive NBA title for the Miami Heat, Plusquellic spoke candidly from his conference room about “The Decision” made by James in 2010.

“Dan Gilbert can be mad at me if he wants to be, but I wish Dan Gilbert would have spent some of his money and gone out and bought a couple of all-stars and then said to LeBron, ‘Hey, I’m giving you a team that you can win a championship here.’ Instead, everybody waited, held their cards close to the vest and said, ‘OK, LeBron please sign.'”

Plusquellic admits he’s not sure if that would have changed James’s decision, but now he’s now encouraging Gilbert to spend more cash on the Cavs future.

“I think he had more than enough (money) before we gave him all the gambling interest in northeast Ohio, so I think right now, he has more than enough money to be able to do something to bring a championship back to Cleveland,” Plusquellic said.”

I understand the the Mayor wanted to recognize the accomplishment of a famous Akronite. I have no problem with that. He should do that. But that is where it should have stopped. If you don’t understand the NBA salary cap structure, or the details surrounding the events of LeBron’s departure, then just be quiet about it. 

More over, shouldn’t the reporting of this ‘statement’ have included a few facts to counter balance the piece? Like the fact that the Cavaliers were offering the most money allowed by the CBA, more than any other team could have offered? What about the amount of money the Cavaliers spent over the cap while James was here trying to surround him with talent? You can argue the quality of players brought in (Larry Hughes), or the age of players brought in (Shaq, Jamison), but you can’t say that not spending money was the issue.

I hope that someone in Mayor Plusquellic’s staff is briefing him right now on the facts of the situation.

  • TOJ

    Mayor P has a tendency to speak first, think later. No surprise, though I’d love for his expert GM skills to point to 1-2 moves that should have been made that weren’t.

    And if someone says Amare for Hickson,………..

  • Akronite

    Mayor Don is just a drunken fool. He’s more of a mascot that leader.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Clown. Since when did we as a society start promoting the Town Drunk to Mayor?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The mentioning of gambling makes me think sour grapes.

  • Jaker

    There’s a reason he doesn’t run a professional franchise.

  • Harv 21

    wonder what level public person can utter a LeBron comment without it making a headline here. An assistant to the Canton mayor? Wife of a B-level celebrity? The Ganley Man?


  • You don’t think it is relevant?

  • Ravin

    What about the fact you can’t just go out and sign players that don’t want to come here? I’m getting sick of that argument that DG didn’t put enough talent around LBJ. No big names were interested in coming to Cleveland bc James was flirting w other teams. There was no way Gilbert could’ve signed an all star when it was completely up in the air if the main draw was going to stay or not. Gilbert isn’t perfect but how is that his fault?

  • matt underwood

    Cleveland now hates you too, sir.

  • Harv 21

    To what?

  • MrCleaveland

    Mr. Mayor, fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.

    Now just sit down and eat another sh*t sandwich along with the rest of us and keep quiet.

  • davelb87

    It’s clear he’s just pandering to the under-35 black community of Akron that still supports Lebron because James is “one of them”

  • bridgecrosser

    As a former Akron resident, I have to ask why Plusquellic didn’t simply get Apple, Hathaway Bershire, Wal-Mart and Kraft-Nabisco to move their corporations to Akron proper.

  • The person uttered Dan Gilbert and 2010, making it wholly relevant to what we do here.

  • TOJ

    They couldn’t even get Trevor Ariza or Ron Artest to come here. How soon people forget.

  • architrance

    Gilbert’s been great. More of the blame should rest with the previous ownership – in letting Boozer walk for nothing and squandering draft picks.

    How is this guy still mayor by the way?!?!?!

  • James

    It’s wise to ignore whatever comes out of Plusquellic’s mouth. I’m ashamed to have him as my mayor.

  • Rob W

    You must be talking about the mayor.

  • Rob W

    Stick to politics, errrr lying.
    Idiot knows nothing about hoops.

  • bupalos

    best economic development record in the rust belt?

  • bupalos

    He may be technically wrong that money wasn’t the #1 problem (although commentators are wrong in saying Gilbert couldn’t have spent his way through the problem–he could have.) I don’t think the basic premise that Gilbert screwed up the situation is wrong though. There were two ways to go, either concentrate on the foundation and get a team in place that Lebron would see a future in when decision time came, or show that you will not stop spending money until FA pieces are in place. They took a kind of 3/4’s run at the second option and quite obviously came up short.