2013 NBA Finals – Brian Spaeth breaks down the Heat and game 2 in 10 minutes – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-09

WFNY Podcast LogoBrian and I decided to talk a little basketball today after the movie podcast. But, I’m posting the basketball podcast first, so you can pretend like it happened before the movie podcast… which will be posted later.

  • Breaking down the Heat game 2 vs. the Spurs

  • LeBron has fulfilled his potential as a player and he’s almost unhateable

  • LeBron wasn’t putting in effort during Cavs games

  • Dwyane Wade loves making excuses

  • LeBron James and his stage awareness back in the day

  • Dwyane Wade has the same game he had in 2006

  • Kind of feeling sorry for Chris Bosh

  • Bosh’s hysterical nature on the court

  • You can’t really have an opinion of the Spurs

  • “You don’t like basketball if you don’t like the way the Spurs play.”

  • Liking the NBA for stars

  • The fascination in the Heat when they lose

  • Brian would love to see the Heat get swept

  • Carmina Burana and O Fortuna

  • The Volatility of the Heat vs. the collected nature of the Spurs

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