While We’re Waiting… Jason Giambi, No Consensus at #1, And Jabaal Sheard Film Room

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Leading off, why is the graybeard himself Jason Giambi still on the Tribe roster? Red Right 88 dives into that issue, “So why is he on the team again? ‘He’s not a veteran, he’s the veteran,’ Francona told The New York Times before the season started. ‘I’ve already gone to him three or four times asking him questions. He’s solid. Brings a lot.’ Giambi is considered a good teammate and brings a lot of baseball knowledge to the Tribe, which can be useful to the younger players on the roster.” [Red Right 88]

Tom Ziller at SBNation explores the lack of consensus for the top selection in the 2013 NBA Draft, “With high draft picks, you’re looking at seven years of having that player on your team: four years on a rookie deal and at least three on a second deal before an opt-out. Two months is an impossibly short period of time compared to the remainder of those seven seasons. So unless you think Porter is going to be a better player for a bigger chunk of that period, Noel is the smart choice. But you could very well determine that Porter will be better, and I wouldn’t be surprised.” [Ziller/SBNation]

Over at DraftBrowns, Brendan Leister is back in the film room, taking a look at Browns defensive end turned outside linebacker Jabaal Sheard. I have a soft spot for film room pieces, because I know how much time and effort are required, “Jabaal Sheard ranked 35th in “Pass Rushing Productivity” amongst all 4-3 defensive ends that rushed the passer on at least 50% of pass plays that their defense was on the field during the 2012 season (43 qualified).  ProFootballFocus’s equation for Pass Rushing Productivity is as follows: “(Sacks +0.75xHits+0.75xHurries)/The total number of snaps where the player rushed the passer”.” [Leister/DraftBrowns]

Bill Simmons goes over several facts about one of the two prize free agents this offseason in Lakers center Dwight Howard, “You could safely call Howard a “max” player. He’s probably not a “franchise max” guy anymore, but as he’s one of the best 30 guys in a 30-team league, you could talk me into it. He’s definitely NOT a mega-max player; that would mean he’s a force of nature, but the numbers from the past two seasons say differently. So does the Eye Test. There’s more than a little Jim Carrey Syndrome going on here. Jim Carrey is an A-list movie star, right? Well, here are the six movies Carrey has headlined since 2005.” [Simmons/Grantland]

Steve Eby at DTTWLN says Tribe fans should get out and vote… for Mark Reynolds and Carlos Santana for the All-Star game, “Both Carlos Santana and Mark Reynolds, at least at this point, have made very strong cases to be the starters at both catcher and designated hitter for the AL squad.  Justin Masterson has also put up an All-Star April and May, but fans do not get to vote for pitchers. The two sluggers will need the votes of every Cleveland fan in order to have a chance to start, but the recent past has not shown much Cleveland “ballot-box stuffing” like it did during the Indians 455 straight sellouts in the late 90’s.  Ironically, the last Indian to be voted into an All-Star game was Gonzalez himself during his one year Cleveland stint in 2001.  BothCliff Lee (2008) and Asdrubal Cabrera (2011) have started the game since then, but neither was elected to start.” [Did The Tribe Win Last Night?]

Finally, Chris Pokorny at Dawgs By Nature points out via ESPN data compiled that the Browns projected starters on offense and defense will be the youngest in the league!