While We’re Waiting… Dissecting the Browns Roster, Former Indians in MLB, and Around The Farm

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Leading off, at DraftBrowns, Justin Higdon looks at the state of the Browns’ roster on the offensive side of the ball. Here is an excerpt from his talk about tight ends, “The Browns showed confidence in Cameron by not selecting a tight end in this year’s draft.  He’s an athletic receiver who could become a focal point of the passing game.  Veterans Barnidge and Davis are primarily blockers who will make a few contributions in short yardage passing situations.  Chudzinski and Turner are known for offenses that rely heavily on tight ends, so they may opt to keep a fourth on the roster.” [Higdon/DraftBrowns]

Over at Did The Tribe Win Last Night, Steve Eby assembles a roster of active MLB players that were former Indians, “Overall, I think I’ll stick with the current group.  When Hafner and Martinez get hurt—which they both will—the former team will get stuck playing Kearns, DeRosa and/or Nix almost on a daily basis.  The starting pitching is obviously much better than the current group, but beyond Sabathia and Lee, there is no guarantee that the latter three will stay healthy, keep up their good pitching and/or not have a heart attack from being so gigantic.”  [DTTWLN?]

Next up, Arthur Kinney at IBI goes around the farm and gives us an account of 4-A specialist Matt LaPorta, “He followed up Thursday’s 3-for-5 season debut with a 2-for-3 effort in which he picked up his second home run and third, fourth, and fifth RBI of the season.  While this pace obviously will not be sustained for the full season, it is nice to see him doing well at the plate and a September call-up to the Big Club cannot be ruled out entirely.”  [Indians Baseball Insider]

At Eleven Warriors, there’s a little uniform and logo reimagining going on with Ohio State. Walt Keys has the details, “National teams and clubs have a tradition of adding stars above their crests to commemorate a major championship. I’ve adapted this here, creating a cluster of golden Buckeyes below the number on the back of the jersey, signifying how many times a given player has played on a team that beat Michigan. Freshmen will have zero Buckeyes, and a fifth-year senior could have five or more when he takes the field for his final bowl game.” [Keys/11W]

Finally, Zack Meisel has some interesting quotes about how Terry Francona targeted Ryan Raburn from the beginning of the offseason, “The Tigers released Raburn on Nov. 20, a little more than a month after Francona took over as Cleveland’s skipper. When Spring Training rolled around, Raburn was in Indians camp with a Minor League contract. ‘We called him right away,’ Francona said. ‘He got off to a really rough start last year and it kind of snowballed on him. He’s got a nice, short stroke. He looked to me like he could be a really good guy to come off the bench.'” [Meisel/]