While We’re Waiting…Browns rookie camp, Fixing Ubaldo, and Hurricane Reynolds

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Dawgs by Nature breaks down day 2 of Browns rookie mini camp.

“More Miraculous Mingo: Other than the fact that he looks like he could add some weight, the early reviews for Barkevious Mingo continued to be positive on Day 2. Some of the media reviews included, “he flew through the drills, showing impressive change of direction” and “he is very quick and fly’s throughout whatever obstacle he is working against.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


“Reynolds is on pace to play in 157 games while batting .291 with 55 homeruns, 146 RBI, 115 runs, 70 walks, 162 strikeouts and five steals. Obviously, these numbers are just projections and come with absolutely no guarantees, but this is currently the pace that he is on. If he were to keep hitting this way for the entire season, he would match Jim Thome’s 2002 club record for homeruns and would drive in more runs than anybody since Manny Ramirez’s club record 165 back in 1999. He would become the first Indian to drive in 140 runs since Juan Gonzalez back in 2001 as well.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the start to Reynolds season is that he is doing this largely without the aid of the Indians best table-setter, Michael Bourn. Bourn has missed nearly all but the first week of the season with an injury and will certainly add more RBI opportunities to Reynolds’ at bats. If Jason Kipnis and Asdrubal Cabrera can get back to normal also, then Reynolds’ numbers could become even more outstanding.

The month and one half that Reynolds has spent on the shores of Lake Erie has been much more than just a pleasant surprise—it is so much more than what anyone could have expected and is also exactly what the Indians need if they want to contend deep into October.” [Eby/Did the Tribe Win Last Night?]


The guys at Wahoo’s on First got together for a roundtable to discuss if the Indians had in fact “fixed” Ubaldo Jiminez.

“I have as much confidence in Jimenez as I do in my ex girlfriend that dumped me for my best friend in 8th grade, though I hate Jimenez a little less. For every game where this enigma strikes out eight batters and goes six or seven scoreless innings, he has three starts where he walks half the active roster of the opposition. There’s a reason I dropped him in the Wahoo’s on First fantasy league and have no intentions to add regardless of how many “promising” starts he churns out. Because those quality starts will always be just that- “promising,” as he will never produce consistently enough to be relied upon. Jimenez will always be the perfect Cleveland player, always showing hope but never delivering when needed. Can we just have McAllister start twice as often?”

“Francona and Jimenez’s teammates have given him a fresh start. The recent success of the rotation seems to have helped him relax, and two consecutive wins has gone a long way to restore his confidence. The walks and wild pitches aren’t happening as frequently, and he’s pitched better with men on base. Callaway has done wonders for his mechanics. In fact, if Jimenez keeps this up — and I think he will — Mickey Callaway may be one of the best investments that the Tribe made this winter.” [Wahoo’s On First]


Eleven Warriors dives into the notion that former Buckeye and Grizzlies guard, Mike Conley, is an NBA superstar.

“During the regular season, Conley averaged a career-high 14.6 points per game, which was complemented by 2.8 rebounds, 6.1 assists and 2.2 steals. He joined Chris Paul, regarded as the best point guard in the league, on the 14 points, six assists and two steals per game list. Still, Conley remained largely anonymous.

But his playoff statistics are hard to ignore. Conley is averaging 17.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, 7.6 assists and 1.8 steals per game. The postseason, dating to high school, has been the time for Conley to thrive. Certain players have that “it” factor where they are able to elevate their game when it matters most. Ohio State fans learned that during the Buckeyes’ run to the 2007 Final Four.

Conley has a first-step that rivals any other player in the league. His initial burst of speed can result in a defender being defenseless or an opposing guard pondering his next move after Conley steals the ball and races up the court.

He is first in the NBA in defensive win shares, an advanced metric that estimates wins contributed by a player based on their defensive merits. With Conley on the court, Memphis has a 98.1 defensive efficiency rating. Without him, that number is a paltry 120.8. Further highlighting his importance at both end of the court, the Grizzlies are +11 per 48 minutes with Conley and –17.3 without him.” [Rowland/Eleven Warriors]

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    Good points on Ubaldo. He has been great recently. But he will lose it soon enough. And he will lose it in spectacular fashion.

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    Typical Cleveland mindset.

  • James Bertsch

    The two things that I would like to see are:

    A weekly profile on one Indians prospect each week.

    A regular piece entitled: Where is Now?

    Pick a prominent Cleveland athlete from the past and profile his life.