WFNY Stats & Info: Some info on the Indians’ recent hit parade

The Cleveland Indians have 14+ hits in each of their last four games. A 4-plus game streak of at least 14 hits has only occurred 85 times in MLB history.
The longest such streak: 7 games, done three times, most recently by the Atlanta Braves from July 21-27, 1993.
The most recent such 4+ game streak: Washington Nationals, with a 4-game streak from June 26-29, 2012.
The most recent such 4+ game streak by an Indians club: 4 games from June 8-10, 1962.
A 5-plus game streak has only occurred 25 times in MLB history. The most recent was by the St. Louis Cardinals from April 11-15, 2011.
Of the four teams listed, only the ’62 Indians did not make the playoffs in their respective year.
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    Nah, the Nationals did it last year.

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