Scott Raab on Chris Perez, Browns vs. Klosterman, NHLinCLE and relationships with editors – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-20

WFNY Podcast LogoScott and I spent a lot of time talking Tribe today. We also touched on Brian Hoyer and whether we should be talking about it or not and also the Chuck Klosterman controversy with the Cleveland Browns.

  • Scott Raab will be on the Ken Carman show weekly every Friday at 9 PM
  • Talking about not talking about Brian Hoyer and his signing
  • Which team should win a championship if you had a choice?
  • Losing in 2007 and a hated Red Sox team in 2007
  • Cleveland fans and the amount of palpable hate for a fanbase that’s never won
  • If the Indians put up a statue in center field it ought to be Steve Olin
  • Is Jacob’s field a pitcher’s ballpark?
  • You have to get down to the seventh or eighth hitter to find a slow player
  • The contrived nature of the save in baseball
  • Chris Perez = Joe Borowski with a six pack in him
  • Julio Franco and the obsession with the holes in his game
  • Chris Perez talked about the organization and not just the fans
  • How much of the credit goes to Terry Francona?
  • Writing and how important it is to work with a good editor
  • David Granger and how important a good editor is for writers
  • Do novel writers have to have adversarial relationships with themselves?
  • The disadvantages of blogging are the lack of working it over and over
  • Balancing speed and quality / length
  • Guys who cover the NFL and how they feel about the Browns P.R.
  • The Browns and their adversarial relationship with the media
  • Chuck Klosterman whining about lack of access
  • It’s to Tony Grossi’s credit that Art Modell isn’t in the Hall of Fame
  • Access in the NFL is tightly tightly controlled
  • It’s better to be out there and not saying a lot than not out there at all
  • Talking about hockey with @NHLinCLE
  • The Cleveland Barons and Freddy Glover
  • Hockey fans and how they’re a different breed than the other sports
  • BrianHoyerSuperBowl.com

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    Here’s why the NHL would not work in Cleveland:
    Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Toronto, and Pittsburgh

    There is simply no room to add another market to a second-tier sport in that regional muck. I imagine most hockey fans in Cleveland are already aligned with one of those teams, and most likely it would be tough to strip away those loyalties in a smaller market like Cleveland.

    Not to mention that, currently all of those teams now will play in the Eastern Conference, and there are 16 teams in the East to 14 in the West. Adding Cleveland in would create another logjam, and/or put Cleveland in the West which would nullify all of those natural regional rivalries.

    To me, it’s the same argument for why we here in Columbus should stop pining for an NBA team.

  • You make a lot of valid points. My only counter is that the Lake Erie Monsters, with the top half of the arena blocked off, regularly do 10,000+ for minor league hockey. Maybe that doesn’t translate into 20k per game with an NHL team, but it might. The Monsters did nearly 10,000 plus about 15 times in a 38 game schedule if you count the 9k+ nights as well.

    Obviously NHL tix will be more expensive, etc, but it leads me to believe there’s a strong potential base.