Pat McManamon talks Browns, Chuck Klosterman, AOL FanHouse, new media and Fox Sports Ohio – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-15

WFNY Podcast LogoReally happy to get Pat McManamon on the podcast. I wanted to talk to him about Fanhouse and how the media landscape has changed both for him and also around him over the years. We also had some good conversation about the Browns, Chuck Klosterman and Twitter.

Click here for Pat’s Fox Sports Ohio Page – Also keep up with Pat on Twitter

  • AOL FanHouse and what it was like to work there
  • Working virtually with coworkers and editors on FanHouse
  • Talking to people on the phone and how much richer that communication is
  • Fox Sports Ohio and the STO purchase
  • Reporting on the Pilot Flying J story and how to cover it
  • Sticking to the facts as opposed to writing lots of opinions
  • Jimmy Haslam’s controversy and how much to report on it
  • The Browns and transparency with the media
  • Chuck Klosterman’s piece on the Browns 2013 NFL Draft night
  • Should the Browns have traded picks or not?
  • Do the Browns know why their secrets are secrets?
  • Open practice vs. closing it 15 minutes after it started
  • Twitter and how it has changed Pat’s job

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  • swig

    Grew up reading McManamon and Pluto in the AB Journal. I think it’s great to hear them interviewed on wfny.

    I don’t know if/where it was discussed… But, I liked the “If you’re going to wait for a year, try waiting for next year” closer. Sorta, cheesy sure, but any closing phrase will sound cheesy in a vacuum. Now the ending is just bland. (note: hyper nit-picking)

  • Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I’ll bring it back. It kind of felt like when I shared it with Les Levine it had reached a natural conclusion. Ha.

  • Craig already knows my opinion on this, but I agree with Swig. I think that closing tag is money.

  • Captain Kidd

    Really enjoying the podcast section. I say no on the closer though.