NFL News: Brian Hoyer contract details surface

Brian Hoyer was signed by the Browns last week and details of his two-year deal are starting to surface. See, unlike depth-chart speculation, this is actually news regarding Brian Hoyer and the Browns.

So, as you can see, regardless of whether or not Michael Lombardi thinks Hoyer can start in the NFL or not, nobody, including Hoyer’s representation was holding out for starter-level cash. Far be it for me to look down upon on a couple million bucks, but with only $250k guaranteed in 2013, he’s by no means a lock to be on this team as the Browns easily retained flexibility in the deal to move on whenever they deem it appropriate.

Also keep in mind that Jason Campbell’s deal was for two years and $3.75 million.

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  • thetruthfan

    Let’s not forget that he can also shack up with mom and dad, saving him hundreds of dollars every month that he would’ve spent on rent!