NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers will be “vying” for Dwight Howard

The Cleveland Cavaliers were a buried mention as a potential suitor for Dwight Howard in free agency in an ESPNLosAngeles report yesterday. Cleveland was tossed in after meticulously exploring the merits of Houston and Dallas, so it’s reasonable to assume that the Cavs are going to be tossed into every discussion due the the extraordinary amount of cap space they will have this off-season.

Howard is expected to entertain the free-agency process and hear competing offers from Houston, Dallas and others, multiple sources told ESPNLosAngeles.com. Cleveland and Atlanta are teams that will also be vying for Howard, among other suitors.

If I was making the book in Vegas, I’d say there’s a 80% chance that the Cavaliers talk to Howard or his people this off-season, because you kind of have to when you have the cap space and a player of that caliber is a free agent. The idea that it would get past the talking stage and Howard would come join the Mike Brown-led Cavaliers has to be at 5% or less I would think.

We don’t know exactly how Dwight Howard feels about Mike Brown, but in Howard’s first season with Brown, the coach was fired after only five games. At minimum, it would appear that familiarity or some personal connection would be somewhat unlikely to benefit the Cavaliers should they even truly be in pursuit of the big man.

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  • thenoclist

    Oh give me a break.

  • JK


  • Chris

    If Howard bothers to pick up the phone when Cleveland calls, it is simply for leverage. Nothing more, except perhaps to further stroke the man-child’s fragile ego.

  • typo

    Give me Dwight, give me Otto Porter and we are an immediate contender imo.


  • If Howard wants to win, teaming up with Kyrie, Dion, TT, Andy and another top 6 pick might make as much sense as Houston. Who knows how he feels about Mike Brown – but i doubt it matters much to him. That said…. yeah right.

  • Harv 21

    The Cavs might be a suitor. Dwight’s agent will listen to suitors. ESPN has NBA story quotas to fill.

    Big Scoop-dee-doop.

  • boomhauertjs

    Atlanta should be considered a darkhorse, since Dwight is from the area.

  • RGB

    LeBron 2014 or bust.

    Ooooh look Dwight…stay on target…but what about Dwight…stay on target…

  • ToxicToast

    That’s a good point. Having a fan-base that’s known for being tepid would probably be perfect for Dwight’s fragile ego too.

  • dwhit110

    He would make us much better, but he’s just such a petulant baby it would be SOOOO hard to root for him.

    Of course we’ve rooted for guys like Albert Belle, so I guess we could get over it.

  • Mix


  • Ezzie Goldish

    Interesting. I don’t think there was any talk that Howard was upset with Brown, unless I just don’t follow other NBA teams that closely (plausible!). You’d think the defense first approach would go well, as would the opportunity to play with a great PG who opens up easy opportunities for him. He’d also end up pretty easily loved in CLE, which is something he might like.

    I don’t think it’s as far-fetched to think he’d be interested in coming here.

  • saggy

    Albert Belle was FAR from a petulant baby. He was a petulant BEAST.

  • saggy

    The Cavs are somewhere on Howard’s list between Besiktas and the Tulsa Shock.

  • cmm13



  • He just helped Kobe to get a 6th championship ring, and Nash’s first! Nash’s PG skills really opened things up for the big fella; the Lakers were totally unstoppable! I’m pretty sure he’ll re-sign with LA to defend the title, but maybe we can steal him away!

  • Jard in LA

    This is just like the ESPN report that the Brooklyn Nets were pursuing Phil Jackson as head coach. Guess what, he’s not interested in us either.

  • woofersus

    Of course they’ll make a call. If you have a ton of space and there’s a superstar free agent, you always make the phone call. He probably won’t want to come here, but the phone call will happen. No news here.

  • Next time I’ll let you write it. You were more concise. 🙂

  • TOJ

    We rooted for guys like Albert because he’d punch his gramma before he’d fail. He had more fire in his left pinkie than Howard has in his entire body.

  • dwhit110

    Interesting psychology study here. I think part of why we rooted for Albert is he was much like Cleveland… a little rough around the edges, tragic, imperfect. He was our kinda star.

  • Cavs Fan

    Number 1 pick in the draft!!!! Now things are going to get interesting!!!

  • Schwindt10

    That’s what I said. Look he’s gonna have his pick of teammates & coaches. Right now its at 4-5 (Cleveland, LA, Atlanta, Dallas, & Houston).


    -McHale (Houston)

    -Carlisle (Dallas)

    -Brown (Cavs)

    -D’Antoni (LA)

    -Drew (Hawks)

    If it comes down to coaches, we know LA’s out so that leaves 4, Atlanta is still unsure whether or not their gonna retain Drew so that’s leaves 3. Carlisle is the only 1 of the 3 that’s won a ring (Brown having made the finals once). Brown is known for his defensive prowess, I can’t speak for the other 2. Plus Howard did play (albeit briefly) for Brown this past season. McHale so far hasn’t done much.

    Now to the players he’d be surrounding himself with.

    Dallas – Dirk (35)

    Houston – Harden (24), Lin (25)

    LA – Kobe (Injured, 35)

    Atlanta – Horford (27), Josh Smith (Free Agent, 27)

    Cavs – Kyrie (21)

    Thirdly, every single one of these teams has cap space to be able to bring Howard in plus more. Now for the pros & cons


    Dallas & Houston – No State Income Tax, avoid the Heat (the Team)

    Atlanta – Go back home

    Lakers – Can offer the most money, avoid the BIG 3, Hollywood

    Cavs – Young up & comer in Kyrie, now have the #1 pick in the draft, young nucleus with Thompson & Waiters, smaller market


    Dallas – No supporting cast besides Dirk

    Houston – First round exit this year

    Lakers – Same as Dallas only instead with a hobbled & aging Kobe, Coach, bigger market = more pressure to perform

    Atlanta – Coach in disarray, supporting cast, predictable

    Cleveland – Doormat franchise ever since Lebron left, history not the greatest

    So obviously he’s gonna have a tough decision to make here. Like I said, if it comes down to coaches, it’ll probably be Dallas with Carlisle or Cleveland with Mike Brown. If he’s going with the best supporting cast that’ll either be Houston with Harden & Lin, now Patrick Beverly, or Cleveland with the young nucleus of Thompson & Kyrie. So when taking everything into account. I’d say the 2 best fits for Howard are probably 1. Houston, & 2. I’d have to give the edge to the Cavs even though their in the east. Now if Atlanta is somehow able to lure CP3 to the dirty south, that’s when things get interesting. That combo would be very entertaining to say the least. All’s we know is as long as D’Antoni’s in LA, Dwight won’t be. Then will know who’s really in charge when it comes to the Buss family. Me personally, I’m rooting for Cleveland just to give that team something to cheer for once again, for all that they’ve been put through, but as long as it’s not LA, I’m happy.