NBA playoffs, Armonty Bryant, Browns Draft, 2013 NBA playoffs, Death Cab, Nine Inch Nails with Andrew – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-07

WFNY Podcast LogoAndrew and I got rolling and in what seemed like a few minutes, 50 of those bad boys went floating by. We talked about some business of sports by comparing it to the business of the music industry. We talked about the NBA playoffs, the Cavs, the Browns draft and pretty much everything else other than the Indians. We like the Indians though.

  • Spotify and the business of music

  • Ben Gibbard of Death Cab yelling at me on Twitter

  • Nine Inch Nails and their sales experiments

  • The business of baseball and the bubble

  • You can’t make it harder for people to buy what you do

  • The network battles and bringing it to the people

  • The emergence of Steph Curry as a superstar

  • The Bulls and the coaching job that Tom Thibodeau is doing

  • Derrick Rose still in the street clothes

  • Can Mike Brown coach a team to stop LeBron James?

  • Why are there no more Bruce Bowen types of players?

  • Has the lockdown defensive specialist become extinct?

  • Jason Kidd’s late career three point ability

  • Armonty Bryant and whether there’s a spot for him in Cleveland

  • Are the Browns going to be an organization that turns troubled players around?

  • Javarris James’ arrest when he was a member of the Colts

  • What about trading a pick to the Steelers?

  • Shamarko Thomas and how exactly could the Browns keep the Steelers away?

  • The Browns coaching staff and whether or not it’s better than what they replaced

  • How much Browns stigma can Browns fans thrust on new people?

  • Are Browns fans doing it to themselves?

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