Francisco Lindor could be MLB’s top prospect by end of 2013

Two separate MLB scouts have reportedly told Yahoo! Sports baseball columnist Jeff Passan that Cleveland’s Francisco Lindor may end up being the most highly-touted prospect in baseball by the end of 2013.

Profar, as referenced, is presently baseball’s highest-rated prospect accross many independent mediums. A product of the Texas Rangers’ farm system, the 20-year-old has flown through the team’s farm system thanks to his big-league ready glove and the offensive skill set to eventually be a star.

Lindor, conversely, is still playing in high-A ball, but the 19-year-old appears primed to take the next step as he is putting up a slash line of .333/.406/.471 while walking 16 times compared to just 14 strikouts1. Lindor’s ability in the field is also touted as big-league ready, but the team wants him to continue to work on his ability to produce at the plate.

Entering the 2012 season, Lindor was ranked 14th overall by MLB.com. Drafted in the first round of 2011, the switch-hitting Lindor grew up idolizing former Indians infielder Roberto Alomar.

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  1. This all while being in the midst of a 4-for-24 over his previous seven games []

  • mgbode

    He is our Michael Trout.


    Bring Francisco up to Akron so I can go watch him!

  • Jaker

    Becoming the #1 overall prospect would bring a lot of value to Antonetti. We shouldn’t be surprised if Lindor is ever dealt thanks to the fact that we are extremely deep at SS prospects and extremely thin elsewhere. If Antonetti and Shapiro decide that Paulino or Rodriguez or one of the other guys can become a big league all star, then they may consider a deal that might net us a few top level arms. St. Louis comes to mind because they were trying to deal for Profar but could never get it done. They have amazing depth at SP prospects as well.

    Personally, I’d like to keep him and maybe deal some other young SS talent for SP prospects, but every player has their price

  • Lindor will NOT be moved. It’s a joke to even mention it…..

    You don’t move home grown super star prospects for an unknown. The Indians haven’t missed one of Lindor’s games since his Sophomore year in high school. Further more, Paulino and Ronny Rodriguez aren’t even half the prospects of Lindor; and it’s not even close. Paulino can’t field the position and Ronny Rod strikes out 1,000x a year.

    Why not use Asdrubal, Chisenhall, Perez, and the draft to acquire pitching? There’s more than enough to acquire what ever the Indians might need pitching wise. Don’t forget Asdrubal walks in a year and a half.

  • Hypno_Toad

    First off calling someone else’s opinion a joke discredits your entire comment before it’s even read. Learn some respect if you’re going to comment on this website.

    Second Jaker wasn’t even saying that Paulino or Rodriguez were as good as LIndor, so the major point of your comment is worthless. Jaker was saying that if the front office believes that one of the other two can be all stars at the major league level then dealing a prospect like Lindor for an equal prospect at a position of greater need makes sense. That’s a perfectly rational opinion.

    And who is to say they’d move Lindor for “an unknown”? The Cards have great young arms. Did you see Shelby Miller give up a hit to the first batter of the game then proceed to get 27 straight outs the other night? Hardly unknown.

  • Hypno_Toad

    Lord knows this front office needs one of their picks to become an elite prospect.

    Beau Mills anyone?