Josh Gordon on Browns offense: “Defenses will be shocked”

Over the past few days, there’s been some media hubbub about second-year Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon. In his latest interview with Ryan Lewis of the Akron Beacon Journal, Gordon talked about general manager Mike Lombardi, the team’s new offense and the ongoing organized team activities in Berea.

“Defenses will be shocked to say the least with how much we’re running down field,” Gordon said in the article. “I’ve never ran this much as a wide receiver ever in my life, and that’s a good thing. And not just me, everyone from the slot guys to running backs, everyone’s got passing plays in the system.”

With this being his first-ever OTAs after being a supplemental draft pick last July, Gordon stated that “it’s definitely slowed down a lot.” The new offensive system designed by head coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner seems to fit directly in line with the playmaking abilities of Gordon and quarterback Brandon Weeden. Gordon’s comments appeared to be upbeat and exciting, building off his 805-yard rookie season.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    But what will the fans be?

  • Lunch

    The fans… will be moist.

  • UncleAndy

    Defenses will be shocked? Yea, when they find out you have been suspended the first four games of the year. Thats right Cleveland, you heard it here first.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Ahhh, I love the offseason… it’s when I’m at my most optimistic point as a Cleveland fan!

    Look out NFL defenses… the Browns aren’t just dinkin’ and dunkin’ anymore! We’re gettin’ the ball downfield! And so on!

  • Garry_Owen

    In all fairness, though, NFL defenses have been shocked by the Browns offense for years. We all have been.

  • JK

    1. Why would that shock defenses?

    2. Do you care to expand on that at all?