Joncast – Tom Hamilton, Nick Swisher and how vacations are awesome – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-29

WFNY Podcast LogoIt’s been far too long since I did a Joncast. Always nice to catch up with him. Enjoy as we ride the conversation for nearly an hour covering a wide range of topics.

  • Vacations and how we don’t take nearly enough of them
  • The European method of taking a month off in August
  • Our pursuit of happiness and self-inflicting wounds culturally
  • Defining needs vs. wants and how we’ve become spoiled
  • Swisher and the bro dude stare at the mound
  • Tom Hamilton and what he said
  • Rob Neyer and comparing baseball to a soap opera
  • Derek Lowe and Dusty Baker
  • Liking Craig Calcaterra’s blog and writing
  • The gotcha culture and why people shouldn’t have an opinion on anything
  • Godwin’s law
  • Getting ingrained in a culture and having it ruin the things you love
  • Did we create obsessive compulsive disorder or at least augment its existence?
  • Is sports talk radio a guilty pleasure?
  • Have you ever injured your voice screaming at talk radio?
  • Jim Rome and forcing the audience to eat their own
  • Hiram and why long form is so much better for so many people
  • The Indians and how you could see this coming on the schedule
  • Walk-offs and overtime NHL goals are the best endings in sports
  • Playoff NBA officiating is worse than regular season NBA officiating
  • NHL playoff officiating is better than regular season NHL officiating
  • The nebulous nature of blocking and charging calls
  • USMNT coming to Cleveland
  • St. Louis and how it is a big soccer town

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  • Captain Kidd

    Just wanted to say enjoying these podcasts…Nice to listen to at work.

  • Thanks very much!