If I’m Chris Grant, my first call is to the Dallas Mavericks

A report came out just after the draft lottery was completed that the Dallas Mavericks are interested in trading out of their lottery pick. Dallas missed the playoffs for the first time in a decade plus, but want to save the salary cap space that the 13th pick in the draft would get in order to pursue Dwight Howard.

“Multiple sources told’s Chad Ford that the Mavs are likely to trade the pick to help create the cap space necessary to make a run at Dwight Howard in free agency. The 13th overall pick has a cap hold of $1,655,300.” [ESPN Dallas]

The first round draft picks come with a cap hold. That means that any player the Mavericks draft at number 13 would count $1.66 million against the cap. If they were to trade that pick for any pick in the first round, they would have at least an $880K hit against the cap. (The Cavaliers’ 19th pick has a cap hold of $1.22 million.)

However, in the second round they could draft any player they wanted from Europe, keep their draft rights and it wouldn’t count a dime against the cap until they came over to the states to play.

Here’s why that is particularly interesting to the Cavaliers- Cleveland owns the 1st and 3rd picks in the second round.

Nick GilbertTruth be told, these picks might hold the most value to a club looking to take a chance on a European, letting them develop overseas. And the Cavaliers have two of the first three.

Could anyone offer Dallas a better deal for pick number 13 that wouldn’t include a player counting against the cap? Maybe. But then again the Cavs could also offer a future draft pick, which they have plenty of. There is the infamous Sacramento pick in the Hickson/Casspi trade. The protections on that pick might make it worth flipping now. They also have extra first round picks in 2015 from Memphis and Miami.

What’s the big deal about getting the #13 pick?

That’s a good question. First, if the Cavaliers choose to use the pick on a player, Chad Ford’s updated mock draft has UCLA swingman Shabazz Muhammad going in that range. Actually number 14 to Utah. The Cavs could add whoever they want at #1 and potentially get a dynamic wing scorer of the future at #13. Then they still have the 19th pick.

Of course, they could always package the 13th pick with the 19th in order to move up, possibly into the top 5-8? Then they get 2 of the top say 6 players in the draft. Sound familiar?

Who knows what Chris Grant could do with picks #1, 13 and 19? He also has a few trade chips. Varejao and the first pick for an established young player? Zeller and number 13?

Endless possibilities. But they all start with a phone call to Dallas.

  • @ScottyB330

    Rick, I totally agree. This would be idea for the Cavs, and they have a draft trade history with Dallas, so we know they are on good working terms.

  • Harv 21

    Agree they should call. Hard to believe Mavs fans would abide by a #13 overall for 2 second rounders (move’s a PR disaster if they don’t then sign Howard, and Mark Cuban is not about deferred pleasure), but I’d throw in an extra future first rounder in a heartbeat if that would do it.

    With all these current and future picks it’s not farfetched to imagine a double-move, or even a triple-move, that could change the franchise: trade 13 and 19 to move up to 7, then 7 and a future first rounder (or maybe Zeller) to get Otto. I love Otto’s game, the scoring, passing and and court awareness that would mesh beautifully with scorers/passers like Kyrie and Waiters and big guys cutting to the hoop like Tristan and Noels. That’s a team that might go deep in the playoffs in a few years.

  • RGB

    Yep…there has to be a way to score Noel and Otto out of this.
    Although, getting Otto and Len may be easier and leave us with ammo for future moves.

  • Harv 21

    I doubt Grant feels secure enough in his employment to save ammo at this point. This draft is his tipping point. If he gets Noel and Otto, he’s the guy who tore down the smoking remains and surrounded Kyrie with real talent in 3 drafts. If he takes Noel and a decent player at #19, and then Noel’s NBA education starts without a training camp in mid-season, the team talent level may look a lot like last year. Gilbert may see lots of other rooks excelling and decide Grant is a guy who’s great at collecting shiny marbles but not so good at turning them into NBA studs.

  • Do it now!!! Im all in, multiple moves can and should be made. Not sure of the outcome but the possibilities are endless. I would be upset if all we did was end up drafting 1 and 19.

  • mgbode

    what if we offered to take Marion’s contract as well? it’s only 1 year at $9.3mil, which opens up a ton of possibilities for Dallas if they don’t get Dwight. he’s been pretty good for them, but he’s also going to be 36yo next post-season.

    31,33, Sac-Pick — 13 + Marion

    Then, work on 13+19 to get into the top10 and get Shabazz to pair with Noel (at that point, we’d have our defensive SF in Marion and offensive SF in Shabazz…Noel would give us the most defense at C of the options left and fit a team like we’d have wanting to move. So, in this scenario, yes, I’d fully support drafting Noel)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I like the cut of your jib Jedi Grayshock between this possibility and the idea of trading down Grant could turn this draft into one of those where a LeBron or Durant was drafted just in a different way.

    Grant was probably just as giddy as that Cavaliers contingent at the lottery. Then he had to explain it to Mike Brown!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Otto and Len are the exact two I was thinking when I say trade down! ^5

  • Kildawg

    Plus that’s $9.3M more the Mavs would have to pursue Howard, might not need to throw in one of the 31/33/SAC picks to complete the deal, especially if the Cavs get another guy from Dallas that’s eating salary (not named Dirk obviously).

  • Harv 21

    watching the draftexpress on Shabazz really turned me off. I’m seeing an excellent scorer, but a guy who will gun without conscience until he gets his offensive numbers and who simply ignores open teammates. A black hole of ball movement, a throwback to some of those total me-oriented players from the ’70s-’80s, the best of which included Adrian Dantley, George Gervin, and World Free. Fab scorers, crappy teammates. I’d like him off the bench when you need someone to keep up, but only if he free falls.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    If I’m Chris Grant, I’m asking for a raise for the most incredible stockpiling of assets an NBA team has ever had. Has any team ever had this? In three years he’s gotten a #1 (from LAC), #4, #4, #14 (from trading three lower picks) and now #1, #19, #31, #33 this year. He also has a ton of cap space, two extra second-rounders next year, and three first-rounders (SAC, MEM, MIA) over the next few years on top of any Cavs’ picks. How ridiculous is that? If no restrictions were to hit in five years he’d have had two #1s, two #4s, and *seven* other first-round picks, plus two of the three highest second round picks, plus a bunch of their own? If you assume they keep trading second rounders they could basically end up with over a dozen first-round picks over five years including a bunch of top-5s, AND still have cap space?? That’s sick.

    Also, smart to get the raise before anyone finds out if it pays off. 🙂 (Can always ask for another raise if it does…)

  • Jaker

    Count me in!

  • mgbode

    Sacramento seems to be an interesting team to try to steal some talent from.

    Cousins w/ Tristan, Noel, Mike Brown to keep him straight and playing defense could be a monster.

    Andy, Tyler Zeller + #19 for Cousins (and the ever-elusive softening of restrictions on the pick they owe us).

  • Brendan Murphy

    Like the idea of trading for the Mavs #13th pick,and as earlier mentioned would give us leverage to trade up even further.Now if the Cavs have the #13 and #19 picks would most likely get us in the 7-10 range key word If there’s a taker.Only way were getting Noel and Porter is if we make a deal with Orlando.No way Otto get’s past the Wizards.If we can get up to the 7-10,and if the Cavs select Noel with the first pick.Than who would you want with that other pick?(Sorry for all the if’s)

  • SliceandDice

    After reading this, I’m dreaming of becoming Chris Grant for a day..that 13th pick is a must get!!

    I agree that CG has done an enormous job getting these picks…though I really want BOTH Porter and Noel (call it greedy if you like haha), I think it wud be hard to make deals with either orlando or washington to get their picks in order to acquire porter (if the cavs happen to select Noel with the first, and also assuming the Wizards wud take Porter).

    Wishful thinking, the cavs give up ALL their picks at present, plus, say, future picks and around 4 players not named Irving, Waiters, Thompson, Andy, Zeller, to get number 2 and number 3!! And hoping Mclemore is chosen #1.