Dion Waiters: Mike Brown says I’m a starter in this league

I just met with Coach Brown. Everything we talked about so far is great. We shared stories about one another. I can’t wait to get out there and play for him. He said that he loved my game and that I have a lot of potential to be a special player in this league. He loves a person who plays with a chip on his shoulder—the type of attitude I have, he loves every minute of it. He definitely did his homework as he knew things about me before I could even say something. […] I’m a starter in this league. Coach and I talked about it—he said it himself. He also said I could play the “one.” Coming off of the bench, those were my college days.

— Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dion Waiters in an interview with 92.3 The Fan’s Anthony Lima. Waiters says that his knee is in good shape and that he has spent a good portion of the offseason working on his jump shot, focusing primarly on his balance and not fading away from the hoop.

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  • Lunch

    Well, so much for the “draft Ben McLemore, and move Waiters to the 6th man position” suggestions that I’ve seen from time to time.

    Now who are your assistant coaches going to be, Mike?

  • EyesAbove

    Im excited to have Brown back, defense alone could make this a 5 or 6 seed in the watered down East. That is health permitting of course, but if we get a full season out of Kyrie and hopefully an improved Waiters, who knows? Maybe we could be next years Golden State.

  • Harv 21

    nice touch, Mike. Sweet nothings to assure him you’re in his corner, before he sees the practice schedule that says “Defensive Drills All Day” and you butt heads over where he must direct that chippiness.

  • eshaw8705

    we would need to sign a free agent or make a trade to acquire a David Lee type of talent. and then add another shooter in this draft in order for them to be a similar team to Golden State. Both of those are very possible things that can be accomplished by Grant

  • I think Waiters’ attitude will be enough to drive him to become a better player. If he develops and he and Kyrie can get into a healthy Option 1/1a rivalry (like Durant/Westbrook), then this could be a really interesting team for the next couple of years.

  • Steve_Not_Chad

    Good god that interview was brutal, and it felt like it was never going to end. Dion Waiters didn’t do Lima any favors.

  • woofersus

    I suppose if there’s no SF or big man available that they like and they decide BPA is a SG it’s possible they take one, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the rookie coming off the bench. I expect the Cavs would much rather get a SF and a big and move Gee to the 6th man position, with a 2nd unit of Livingston, Ellingon, Gee, Zeller, and a PF to be named later.

  • Mike

    A healthy Varejao is a David Lee type talent we already have.. he was averaging 14ppg and 14rpg. If only he could stay healthy for once.

  • Cy

    Don’t really like how obsessed he is with being a starter. That could a problem at some point.