Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden and what it all could mean

Hoyer PatsA fictional conversation that could have taken place in Berea over the last couple of days…

Michael Lombardi: “Hey. Have you heard of Brian Hoyer?”

Ray Farmer: “You mean the journeyman Michigan State guy who went undrafted in 2009, with one career NFL start who was cut flat by the team, the Arizona Cardinals, with some of the worst quarterback play since Kurt Warner retired as an arthritic old man?”

Michael Lombardi: “Yep! He’s available! Go get him!”

And scene…

Look, the jokes that were going around yesterday had more to do with the fact that almost everything that’s ever been rumored about Michael Lombardi has come true. The only thing that hasn’t happened (yet) is the Browns trading for Patriots backup Ryan Mallett. With that lens, of course it’s somewhat comical that Brian Hoyer finally became available and signed with the Browns. That’s really where the comedy ends. In all, the Brian Hoyer signing is a good one for depth for a team that has question marks at the quarterback spot.

The bottom line is this: Regardless of how much I think Michael Lombardi likes Brian Hoyer and thinks he can be a starter in this league,1 it’s still Brandon Weeden’s job to lose. Even after that, Hoyer has to make his case better than Jason Campbell with Campbell’s big frame, athleticism and experience-stacked résumé. Brian Hoyer brings a level of professionalism and polish to the Browns’ quarterback depth chart between Jason Campbell and Thaddeus Lewis, but unless there’s an injury or a complete failure in front of him, I don’t expect him to be a factor this season for the Browns.

If he is a factor, barring something truly miraculous or a coaching job of Jim Harbaugh proportions, you have to think the Browns aren’t going to be doing very well if Brian Hoyer’s atop the depth chart. There’s always a percentage chance that I’m wrong about Brian Hoyer and he’s just been laying in wait for the right opportunity with the right coaching staff and surrounding team, but we all know that those chances are quite slim. After seeing so many quarterbacks in Cleveland over the years from Trent Dilfer and Jeff Garcia to Holcomb, Couch, Frye, Derek Anderson and Colt McCoy, you should start to get a feel for these types of things.

There’s almost no chance that the Cleveland Browns have a top-10 NFL quarterback on their roster today, and the percentage barely blipped with the signing of Brian Hoyer.

So really, shouldn’t we be talking about the Tribe?

  1. He’s on record saying as such. []

  • Vindictive_Pat

    But he’s from Cleveland! He knows our pain! The Big Ten and so on!

  • humboldt

    Yes, but he’s also from an elite private high school in Cleveland, and a West Sider. HATE!!!

  • Garry_Owen

    After reading TD’s article, I feel like I can’t comment on this.

  • Lucas Vaas

    it’s “end scene”. if lombardi can make hoyer matter in the NFL then more power to him!

  • JHop

    All that matters is that he’s an upgrade on a position. Although that position may be third string QB, it’s still an upgrade. We always talk about how “you can never have too many passrushers”. Well, you can never have too much quality depth at any position. Good signing.

  • good article but best for last. “shouldn’t we be talking about the tribe”

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    At least until the NBA lottery!

  • The Ghost Of Álvaro Espinoza

    Brandon Weeden + Jason Campbell + Brian Hoyer + Thaddeus Lewis = The beginning of a pretty epic quarterback controversy!
    (insert eye roll here)

  • Ole Weed is on his way out! I called this months ago and everyone just called me a McCoy fanboy. Campbell has already schooled Weeden in OTAs. Now we are bringing in Hoyer… Ole Weed will be out of football faster than he was baseball.

  • Chucky Brown

    both are tremendous qualities, AMDG

  • Harv 21

    and yet …

  • Vindictive_Pat

    You’re still a McCoy fanboy 🙂 The ancient one isn’t going anywhere… Lombardi may love Hoyer, but the coaches decide who plays… Hoyer will be the one wearing a baseball cap and making cool signals with his hands. Where are you getting this info that Campbell is schooling Weeden in OTAs? Players say that Weeden has looked great and the media has only been allowed to see one or two days so far. Come on Oscar (i’m assuming) you’re better than this.

  • Canton Rep and front page have the Weeden vs Campbell update. We are still 4 months from the first week… time will tell.

  • McGannonator

    You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • dan

    Man, I really hope that whatever QB the Browns draft in 2014 can actually last twelve months without a new quarterback controversy erupting….