Animated: Nick Swisher celebrates… a lot

Nick Swisher was in rare form as the Tribe took three of their first four against the Oakland Athletics in Cleveland tonight. Swisher bombed a homer himself and made sure to celebrate everyone else’s as well.

First of all, he gave the crowd the old O-H after crossing home plate from his own home run trot.



He also slow-played the celebration on Carlos Santana’s homer.



Last, but certainly (DEFINITELY) not least, Swisher does a little dance. Thanks to Jim Kanicki for capping it. I decided to put it on a lil loop though.

Swisher Apache Edit


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  • mgbode

    and Reynold’s is somehow the one pitchers are hitting?

  • Pixie508

    I think he’s been a fantastic edition to this team!

  • typo

    Geez, I wanna hit him.

  • chompchomp

    Love it. He’s having a blast.

  • Zeff

    I’ve never seen an Indian having so much fun before. I love it.

  • Jaker


  • Wow

    His reaction to Reynold’s home run is still my favorite.

  • LaundroMat

    Not to mention a fantastic addition!

  • Harv 21

    Maybe the appropriate punishment for Ariel Castro would be to share a cell with Swish for a decade.

    [too soon?]

  • C_CLE

    I love how people hate on players when they aren’t excited, or seem like they don’t want to be here…then you get a guy who’s genuinely having a great time and people still find reasons to hate on him.

  • Carol

    Love this man & his energy and enthusiasm for this Tribe!! And reminds me of the years with Carlos and Omar and the ‘bubble-gum” blowing in the dug-out.

  • Garry_Owen

    I said when Chool left that I would never have a favorite player in any sport ever again. Well, there goes that plan.

  • architrance

    So true. It was Choo’s “The Departure” that was a defining moment in my sports-fan-life – and realizing I shouldn’t be idolizing these guys. So true.