While We’re Waiting… What does character mean in today’s NFL?

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“But what about when the Browns signed Desmond Bryant? A guy that in a drunken rampage ripped the door off his neighbors house? They tell you it was an isolated incident, and that they did the proper checking. Maybe they did, and hopefully it was a one time thing. But let’s not be confused, they signed him for one reason; they signed him because he makes them better. A better defense and a better football team equals job security.

Same goes for Quentin Groves. Signed to a new deal, he trolls the streets for the affection of an undercover cop. Browns don’t cut him, they just announce that they are aware of the situation and move on. His character won’t matter as long as he is getting to the Quarterback. I’m sure it is a “one-time thing.” How about Armonty Bryant? The 7th round selection was arrested after selling drugs to an uncover cop at practice! (where did he keep it?) Again, we get the line of they did their checking and he learned from the mistake.

Amazing that the Browns always seem to find the guys that have learned from their mistakes. Or it could be that the “learned from mistakes” line is what you say when you can’t say “he is a great character guy”. Either way, you are covered. The Browns aren’t alone, every team does this same song and dance. [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


“But the notion that a fan somehow shouldn’t boo, that somehow because they owe players their unconditional support, is insane, exactly the sort of insular, jock-sniffing attitude that drives fans crazy. We paid for these seats. We can boo whenever we want, thank you very much. Let’s see you get out there and do it. That phrasing alone makes one’s skin crawl. You don’t get the good parts of being a professional athlete (everything — from money to fame to an endless series of sexual experiences that provide diminishing returns but are still worth the trouble — other than the occasional fat man in a T-shirt calling you a bum), and not have to face the bad. This is part of the deal. This is how the transaction works.” [Leitch/Sports on Earth]


A look at Braxton Miller’s best jukes. “Shake and bake, breaking ankles, clowning, or okiedoke freakshow. The term “juke” goes by many names but we all know it when we see it. The ability of one human to make another human think one way then go the other is the most celebrated humiliation in sports.” [Beck/Eleven Warriors]


“Marreese Speights, C/PF:  What happened: Speights started off hot, making Cavs fans panic about the possibility he can opt out of his contract this summer. But he fell out of favor with ex-coach Byron Scott. Now, most Cavs fans feel if he walks, so be it.

What’s next: He left no hints as to whether he’ll pick up the option or become a free agent. It’s most likely the latter. If it is, chances are, he’ll be elsewhere next season, because the Cavs won’t overspend to bring him back.” [Amico/Fox Sports]


Finally, John Telich and a team from Fox 8 tackled the Tough Mudder this weekend. What’d you do? [Fox 8]

  • JNeids

    I, too, tackled the Tough Mudder. It was an incredible experience.

  • Harv 21

    I also got a chuckle from Banner’s “high character” emphasis when they were selling the Mingo pick, in light of the Browns’ other draftees/signee. They probably wouldn’t mind a few off-field physical altercations if they think it means a defensive player has a mean streak.

    Some red lines do exist, though. You can’t actually be in jail or have a tendency toward crimes punishable by sentences long enough to make you most of your career (nice background research, Dwight Clark; you totally lucked out twice, Ozzie). And the Browns were wise not to bother with a guy who couldn’t pass a drug test if he were already locked up but still blows off team interviews. Or maybe that was only because Honey Badger just isn’t big enough.