While We’re Waiting… Francona, Thompson and Bauer. (Oh my.)

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Oh boy. Maybe it was destiny. “Terry Francona candidly admits he is directionally challenged. He proved that before the Cleveland Indians home opener Monday. Francona lives two blocks from Progressive Field and walks to games. He had his first experience on the streets of Cleveland when he headed to the game at about 8:15 a.m.

“I got lost three times,” Francona said. Francona’s walk involves two long blocks and, depending on his route, maybe a left and a right turn. “I’m bad,” he said. “Guys that know me know. Even when I got to the garage, two people that work here said, ‘Hey do you know where you’re going?’ I was like … ‘nope.’” [McManamon/FSO]


More on new Browns WR David Nelson– “During David Nelson’s career, he has spent much of his time as a slot receiver. He also has some experience lining up on the outside as both an X and Z receiver. In his time in Buffalo, Nelson was put in motion quite often. The Bills would motion him across the formation, from outside the numbers to the slot, from the slot to an h-back position, and even from the slot to the backfield. It became evident quickly in watching how Nelson was used that the Bills were very confident in his ability as a blocker. When motioned into the backfield and as an h-back, Nelson was often asked to help out in pass protection. He did a solid job overall in this area. Nelson’s versatility could potentially aid the Browns in being unpredictable with their combination of play calling and personnel groupings.” [Leister/Draft Browns]


“In my mind, when you bring up Trevor Bauer, you bring him up for good. Now, there’s seven walks of doubt in his mind that will haunt him and the Indians until that time Bauer does come up. Sure he may go to Columbus and light the world on fire until his next promotion, but wouldn’t it have been better if he just went to Columbus without this?

Why not put Corey Kluber in this position? He has made more starts than Bauer at the major league level, has no sort of fanfare associated with his inclusion or exclusion on the team. He could have come up, made one start, and been gone like nothing ever happened.” [Colla/The tribe Daily]


“It must be nice to be the Seattle Seahawks right now, where your only significant position of concern is at backup quarterback after the team traded Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders not too long ago. According to Field Gulls, the Seahawks will host a tryout with four quarterbacks this week, including Tyler Thigpen, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, and Seneca Wallace. The news is somewhat relevant to the Cleveland Browns because two of those quarterbacks, Quinn and Wallace, are former quarterbacks of the team.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


“Thompson defended his coach as a father figure last week and called any speculation about Byron Scott’s precarious future “bogus.” Then he responded with two sensational performances in victories over the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic. He set career highs in points and rebounds against the Celtics and has totaled 44 points and 33 rebounds in the Cavs’ past two games at a time when the team was desperate for someone to stand up and take control.

As Kyrie Irving continues to shrink away from any public platform, Thompson is embracing his role as a spokesman — and he’s backing it up with his play on the court, too.” [Lloyd/]

  • JHop

    Getting lost three times during a two block trip? Impressive.

  • Carol

    well the good thing is that he didn’t have to park anywhere on Opener Day. I had that issue last year and missed the first 3 innings.

  • mgbode

    I hate the mindset on Bauer being presented above. If you believe Bauer is your best spot-starter, then you call him up. No babying him because he might get his feelings hurt if he had a bad outing. What the heck? He’s a big boy, he can handle it and maybe even use it for motivation to keep improving.

  • boomhauertjs

    Hard for Kyrie to be a spokesman when he’s always in the trainer’s room.

  • Having a manager that gets lost off the field is better than one that gets lost on it, like the previous two guys we had.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Agreed don’t agree with much of anything written. The Indians did the right thing and heck it’s not like Bauer was throttled in the game. He couldn’t find the strikezone before having an umpire in Dale Scott who’s strikezone was the size of a 12 pack of beer. But hey at least he wasn’t as bad as the guy behind the plate last night in Texas who called strike three to end the game on a pitch that was practically in the dirt and in the right handed hitters box. The reactions on MLB Network were priceless not to mention Joe Nathan who threw the pitch.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    David Nelson: A taller, faster version of Alex Smith who can also catch.

    I’ll take it.

  • mgbode

    this is for Harv. he can read nodding the whole time, then get to point #1 at the bottom and just let out an audible sigh.