WFNY Podcast – Scott Raab talks Tribe, Mike Rice and Roger Ebert

WFNY Podcast LogoBig news in the podcast world. Scott Raab has agreed to be a regular weekly guest. So other than a few exceptions, I’m sure, we will have Scott’s perspective on a weekly basis. I can’t tell you just how happy it makes me that he wants to contribute every week. Please consider subscribing on iTunes.

  • Indians home opener
  • Ubaldo Jimenez
  • Travis Hafner
  • John Sterling
  • Free agency and MLB
  • Swisher and now appreciating his “bro dude” attitude
  • Replacing the guy who replaces the guy
  • First Energy Field
  • Making money on bad teams
  • Byron Scott and silence from Chris Grant and Dan Gilbert
  • Shaq and his bloated contract
  • Rutgers and Mike Rice’s firing
  • Putting a mic in front of the mother of a player
  • Roger Ebert and the online reaction to him
  • Journalists worshipping journalists
  • The meaninglessness of apologies
  • The word police send Scott a letter

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  • Tuesdays With Morie is one of my all time favorite books. For the record.

  • I feel like I should stand and applaud with regard to the “word police” discussion.

  • Steve

    I get that he’ll say frequently say something off the wall, and maybe even entertaining once in a while, but giving Raab a consistent voice on Cleveland sports has to be one of the worst things I can think of for Cleveland sports fans. The first line also describes Triv to a T.

  • I think the differences between Scott Raab and Triv are monumental. Sorry that you don’t like our chats.

  • Steve

    Raab has finally cooled down, but the only impact he has had on analysis of Cleveland sports is getting people in a tizzy. The more he talks, the more it’s clear he doesn’t know any more than the average out of town fan.