WFNY Podcast – 2013-04-01 – Dennis Manoloff talks charities, Weeden and NFL draft

WFNY Podcast LogoDennis Manoloff agreed to join me for about 15 minutes to talk sports. I always appreciate the D-Man’s take on things and with a radio voice like his, it’s a crime that he doesn’t have a regular slot on the local shows. Anyway, enjoy.

  • Outside the Lines report on athlete charities being shams
  • The right ways to do charity
  • Brandon Weeden vs. Jason Campbell and heading into year two
  • What the Browns should think about with the 6th pick
  • Trading down and the benefits
  • Dee Milliner and Dion Jordan
  • Projecting corners vs. other positions
  • Free safeties and the blending of the definition of safety

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