Tribe’s RP Chris Perez is on short list of trade candidates according to Buster Olney

In his latest blog post, ESPN’s Buster Olney speculates as to a number of young players that could become part of the trade market. Among the names on the list are Philadelphia’s Chase Utley, New York’s John Buck, Chicago’s Matt Garza and Cleveland’s Chris Perez-

“Chris Perez | RHP, Cleveland Indians. He’s making $7.3 million this season, and the Indians were open to trading him during the winter but got little traction. The 27-year-old Perez is off to a good start, and it’s worth remembering that the trade market for relievers appears as if it’s going to be absolutely terrible — an extremely thin group.

Perez does have a lot of experience as a closer for a team looking to fill that spot (St. Louis, for example, knows Perez well, having drafted and developed him). Even if the Indians stay in the AL Central race, they might be open to moving Perez because they have Vinnie Pestano and because Cleveland would seem to be very unlikely to pay Perez the $10 million or so he could get next winter as an arbitration-eligible player.”

This is certainly not the first time we’ve heard rumors about Perez being available for trade. Our own Jon Steiner has advocated a Perez trade for some time, most recently here.

Generally speaking, it is way too early to know which teams will be sellers and which will be buyers at the deadline. If the Indians become buyers, perhaps Garza could be a target for the Indians to consider.

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  • Chris

    relievers should be in the “sell high” category all the time. I think CP has done well as a closer, but I also think 7 mil is way too much for any reliever (sans Mariano), let alone the 10 mil estimate for arbitration. If we can flip him for any starting pitching prospects (hopefully AA level or higher), I think it will be a solid move. Our bullpen is already stocked with live arms so I think we have guys that can fill the void easily.

    Remember the Esmil Rogers trade? We have one super-utility player at the big league level, and a very good catcher at the AAA/MLB level as a result.

    Key point–sell high on relievers.

  • Amen. Contention or not, with a decent offer you have to trade him. That $7.5 million could go even further next season.

  • mgbode

    I doubt there’s much action for Perez due to his contract situation. Even supposed World Series contenders seem willing to just sign guys to minor league minimum deals and have them close (see: Detroit).

  • BenRM

    Can we somehow weasel a SP out of this?

  • Kildawg

    Can we get Garza AND flip Perez? Might take separate deals, but who do we have that the Cubs would be interested in? Phelps or a 3B? Cubs have Valbuena starting at 3B…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    About the only way I’d consider moving Perez right now. It’s waaaaaaaay to early to be thinking like this especially if you plan on making the playoffs.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    If the Indians fall out by all means otherwise I don’t know if the risk of upsetting the roles is really worth it. Especially if they don’t get a SP back.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Shelby Miller would have been nice from St. Louis but he’s pitching well now.

  • Ash (England Tribe)

    I like the idea of going for Garza, he’d be a good swap.