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The Browns and the First Round: Chance Warmack

We are less than a week from the NFL Draft, also known as the most important day of the year for your Cleveland Browns. With (another) new regime taking over the reigns and new schemes in place on both sides of the ball, it is crucial that Joe Banner, Mike Lombardi, Ray Farmer, Rob Chudzinski and the crew nail these three days. It all starts Thursday night with the primetime First Round. 

The Browns currently hold the sixth pick. Will they go with a defensive back? Could they turn to a pass rusher? Would they possible fortify the offensive line? Could they shock everyone and take an additional offensive weapon? Or maybe, just maybe, would they trade the pick to a team that wants to move up and snag one of those top offensive tackles?

From now until Thursday’s first round, a different member of the WFNY staff will take their look at one player in particular and tell you why the Browns, should they choose to, would go in this direction.

NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Alabama vs Notre DameThe Player:

Name: Chance Warmack

Position: OG

School: Alabama

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 317

40-yard dash: 5.49

Whom he would replace: Shawn Lauvao

Why he makes the most sense for the Browns: The Browns have a pretty solid offensive line, anchored by Joe Thomas and Alex Mack. Last year’s second round pick Mitchell Schwartz solidified the right tackle spot. Jason Pinkston has shown signs of being an above average guard, that is if he can recover completely from the blood clot that hospitalized him last season. Pinkston was recently cleared to resume football activities. John Greco did a pretty decent job filling in for Pinkston. A line of Thomas, Pinkston, Mack, Greco and Schwartz is not bad. However, a line that included Warmack at the right guard could elevate them to elite status. He would instantly improve the Browns running game, especially short yardage.

What the experts say: “Looked particularly dominant even among the Bama O-line. That says a lot. He simply takes defenders where he wants them to go, utilizing great power and quickness at his size. A dominant run-blocker, Warmack isn’t just massive, but also moves well, with initial power in tight spaces and the ability to seek out LBs on the second level.”- Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN

“This is not the sexiest pick and Browns fans probably would express some frustration initially, but Warmack is a flat-out stud who would instantly improve their offensive line. He is one of the best guards I’ve ever evaluated, an easy mover in pass protection who shows plenty of smarts and is also a nasty run-blocker. Cleveland RB Trent Richardson (a former teammate of Warmack) and QB Brandon Weeden would surely offer their stamps of approval.” – Todd McShay, ESPN

“Chance came to Alabama and was an immediate contributor as a true freshman which is rare. He took over the LG spot as a sophomore and has anchored that position since. He is the quintessential road grader in the running game but also posses the technique and athleticism to be a very good pass blocker. His wide frame and strength make up for his average height for the position. The one area that needs to improve is his ability to stay consistent with keeping his pad level low so he can maintain leverage. Overall Chance Warmack is a special prospect for an interior linemen which should cause a team in the upper 15 to select him with no issues.”– Sports Illustrated

“Thick interior player. Possesses a strong punch to shock oncoming defenders and consistently extends his arms to keep them at bay in pass protection. Strong lower half helps his anchor against bull rushes. Mobile enough to effectively trap and pull, regularly negates targets coming into the hole and flattens defensive backs in his path. Practiced fitting on linebackers on combo blocks. Brings attitude on every play, constantly keeps his hands and feet moving when drive-blocking, rolling his hips through contact, and looking to pancake his man whenever possible. Doesn’t have the quickest feet, but is very technically sound and uses his strong punch to stop defenders and his length to mirror. Drives interior defensive tackle off the ball on base blocks. Has handled a number of dominating college defensive lineman with ease.” –

Chances the Browns will take Warmack: If the Browns take a chance on Warmack (pun intended), it would likely be in a trade down scenario. It is no secret the Browns have shopped the #6 pick for a second rounder and a swap of first round picks. If the Browns made a deal that landed them in the 12-16 range, I think Warmack could be a possibility. However, with so many other holes in the starting line-up, taking a guard might be a luxury that the Browns can’t afford. Even if Warmack is as advertised. I would say the odds of Warmack coming to Cleveland are pretty long.


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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Kind of interesting that Trent Richardson reportedly spoke out for another Alabama ex-teammate Milliner and not Warmack. You’d have thought it would have been the opposite.

  • BenRM

    This would be my choice, to be honest. Not sexy at all, but when many people say things like “the best I’ve ever evaluated at the position” I think you probably take that.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    If we can trade down, pick up a 2nd rounder, and take Warmack, I’ll be doing cartwheels. We drafted an elite RB. Let’s give him an elite O-Line to work with. Use the 2nd rounder on a CB or LB.

    That…and I’m SO tired of not converting 3rd and short. Out inability to get a yard or two on the ground when we desperately need to has not only been horribly frustrating to watch over the years, but has no doubt cost us quite a few wins. TRich behind Thomas, Warmack and Mack would be a sight to behold.

    If the opportunity is there, I say do it.

  • mgbode

    draft Rhodes or Trufant in the 1st and use that 2nd rounder on Warford and I’m right there with you.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    My brain understands every reason why you don’t take an interior lineman at the #6 pick, and probably not even at the #12 pick (or wherever the Browns might trade back to get). I just can’t get by passing up a guaranteed-elite every-down player. Would an OLB or CB have more potential for impacting the course of the game? I guess so, but it seems like every position is so much less important than QB that we’re not talking about a big difference with respect to the entire game. In the end, Warmack may power through creating a hole for T-Rich which nets the Browns a crucial goal-line TD or first down. That seems highly valuable and I covet that.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I would be OK with doing it that way too…but I’m really high on Warmack. In my mind, he’s the safest pick on the board. A healthy TRich and a top 3 O-line would be a lot of fun to watch.

  • paulbip

    the best player in the draft at a position of need a ‘LUXURY’?? Adding probably 500 yards to Richardson’s rushing a “LUXURY”??? This is not a great line right now. I saw the Browns gain NOTHING up the middle last year. The run blocking stinks. With this guy, the defense will have to put 8 in the box and the passing game will open up. He is the last part for a great offense. Use the rest of the picks for cornerbacks. I don’t care as long as you draft Warmack. He should be gone by number 10. If he is gone, I would take Cooper who may turn out to be even better.

  • Woods

    Totally with you on Warford for a second rounder.

    Recently swayed by Kanicki on picking Ogletree.

    That leaves holes at CB, TE, FS, QB, WR to be addressed beginning in round 3.
    -3rd pick should be after #68 on the spreadsheet. Best available would be #71 Thomas FS, #69 Ryan CB, #83 Harper WR, #79 Glennon or #92 Kelce. I will take the CB Ryan since it is such an upgrade over Skrine. If other people think that #90 Wreh-Wilson is better then by all means select him.
    -4th pick should be after #100. So choice would be between #102 Dysert QB, #106 McDonald TE, #110 Rogers WR, #114 Scott QB, and #128 McDonald FS. I would prefer a TE here but I think that the browns would go with a developmental QB of Dysert or Scott.
    – 5th pick should be after #140 and I will rely on Kanicki’s sleeper picks and go with Robinson as the WR.
    – 5th pick #2 is TE. Stoneburner, Kasa or Sims. The browns will pick Kasa due to the new coach that is familiar with him.
    -6th pick trade for a late 6 and and two 7s. Tate FS, Wagner OT, Wing P.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Might I also add…I’m a smash mouth, run-the-ball, “only three things can happen when you pass and two of them are bad” kind of guy. I would like nothing more than to have the ability to line up in the 4th quarter against PIT or BAL, with the lead, 8 minutes to go…and just pound them into oblivion. I want them to know what’s coming, and there not be a damn thing they can do about it. That’s my kind of football…and Warmack gets us closer to making that a reality. (Can you tell I’m a former O-lineman?)

  • James

    I agree. Plus with a vertical offense a quarterback will need time to throw the ball. With a guy like Warmack in their eating up LB blitzes, Weeden can finally use his arm and stretch the field. Plus you have to admit having the names Mack-Warmack next to each other will be fantastic.

  • James

    Any 3rd and one opportunity with Trich behind Warmack, any offensive set on the goal line with Trich behind Warmack is going straight up the middle and will be successful every time.