NFL News: Cleveland Browns trade Colt McCoy to San Francisco 49ers

Jason LaCanfora reports that the Browns have traded former third-round draft pick Colt McCoy to the San Francisco 49ers.

So there’s the other shoe to drop after the signing of Jason Campbell. The Cleveland Browns have seemingly simplified one potential angle on a quarterback controversy by trading the oft-popular QB from Texas who bemoaned the lack of opportunity to compete last pre-season.

The San Francisco 49ers came into this draft season with a ton of picks–as many as 13 at one point. Details of the Browns’ compensation for McCoy aren’t available yet, but Twitter rumors indicate it might be a sixth rounder. With McCoy’s somewhat modest salary of $2.325 million for 2013 he becomes a pretty economical backup to replace the recently-traded Alex Smith.

Prior to the trade the San Francisco 49ers had:
– One 1st rounder
–  Two 2nds
–  Two 3rds
– Two 4ths
– Two 5ths
– One 6th
– Four 7th rounders in the 2013 draft.

The leader in the clubhouse in the jokes department is easily Zac Jackson, by the way…

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  • Jmal

    Yeah and when the 49ers are in the SB, Dawson will be laughing.

  • Wow

    Seriously only a 6th round pick?

  • mgbode

    what were you expecting?

  • SeahawksRlosers

    Is this a joke? I hope it is

  • cmm13

    At least all the Colt supporters can take solace in knowing he’ll most likely win a ring before anyone here will now.

  • cmm13


  • Lunch

    More info coming in. Browns get 49ers 5th & 7th pick in exchange for McCoy & Browns 6th pick.

  • humboldt

    A quick scan of players Holmgren/Heckert passed over for Colt McCoy:

    Navarro Bowman, Eric Decker, Jimmy Graham, Mike Williams, Aaron Hernandez, Geno Atkins…etc

    Sorry to turn the knife, but Sean Lauvao was also picked instead of those guys.

  • Colt didn’t fit this new system, so despite the fact that he was the best QB on the roster, we had to ship him. Hopefully DAII is shipped out next… do we draft a QB this year or next?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    we want more we want more!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I smell Phil Dawson revenge! 😉

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    Eric Decker, Grham, and Hernandez all would have likely been busts in Cleveland… because that is what happens when no one can throw you the ball

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    First Modell then James and now maybe Dawson and McCoy. Allah does hate Cleveland!

  • nj0

    Meh. You can pretty do this for every pick. Always some UFA who becomes a world beater.

  • Wow

    At least a 3rd, come on they got ripped off.

  • historycat

    Sorry you never got a fair shot here. Colt. Take solace in the fact we didn’t end your career like we did to so many others.

  • ctowndawgpound

    What is this regime doing??? This is the worst possible move! We have successfully in a week and a half gotten rid of not only the 3 best players on the team, but also the faces of the franchise!!! I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt but give me a break this seems more of the same old get rid of best players and bring in noone worth diddily squat! We should do like Dallas and Baltimore and lock up our franchise QB for years!!! You will truly be missed an maybe you and Awesome Dawson can win one together!! Beginning to think there will never be a next year for Cleveland!!!

  • humboldt

    Sure, but the subtle difference with Colt is that Holmgren flexed his organizational muscle and reached for the pick rather than letting Heckert draft the highest guy on his board. In doing so, we took a gamble and missed a chance (however low the probability) to get a key “piece” for the future.

  • The real winner is DAII. He will be out of the NFL by 2014 (even shorter than his MLB career), sitting on his couch chuckling the rest of his life. Fool them once, shame on DAII. Fool them twice, shame on the Browns.

  • MrCleaveland

    Heard a good line on the Bull and Fox Show this afternoon:

    This is a Tribe town . . . until the third-string quarterback gets traded.

  • Well said. But you have to admit we tried our hardest [to end his career]

  • nj0

    Again… meh. Holmgren et al screwed up so much, so often that the McCoy pick is hardly bothers me at all.

    Honestly, Colt was a decent enough pick all things considered. If we didn’t have the turnover here that we did, using a third rounder to get a back-up QB who can start in a pinch might be seen as a boon. It’s not great, hardly a “key piece”, as you say, but way down on the list of examples (for me at least) of the idiocy of that regime. In another world, we might have been wrapping up Colt for a few more years.

  • bossman09

    What QB did the browns miss when they selected Cot?

  • bossman09

    20+ starts is a fair shake in the NFL. Not getting a start or being a backup your whole life is not getting a fair shake. The NFL is the top of the sports ladder, not the pee wee league where everyone gets a participation ribbon.

  • bossman09

    April fools – I got it.

  • bossman09

    Exactly – The is a huge market for undersized QBs with an average arm, average mobility, and average QB intelligence. If heart was the only skill required, there is no doubt Colt would be awesome but it’s not the only skill required. Sorry but a 6th round pick is probably right.

  • Big Z


  • BuckeyeDawg

    QB’s drafted after Colt in 2010: Mike Kafka, John Skelton, Johnathon Crompton, Dusty Smith, Dan LeFevour, Joe Webb, Tony Pike, Levi Brown, Sean Canfield, Zac Robinson.

    Even 3 years later, I’m wouldn’t take any of those guys over Colt McCoy.

  • Kenny_Chill

    Here’s what bothers me…I don’t even live in Cleveland anymore and I still love it. God moved on, why can’t I?

  • Sam

    At least a third? I’d be happy for the third pick in the 6th round. McCoy was drafted in the 3rd, didn’t do anything but embarrass his dinky arm and will never start for a team again. Who would give up a third for that?

  • Wow

    OK just smile and enjoy your 5th and 7th round pick then.

  • Jaker

    I was on the Dan LeFevour train for two years. If only he got a chance…

  • Jaker

    Can we please stop referring to mistakes made by old regimes? Holmgren is gone. Heckert is gone. Mangini is long gone. The argument of “look how good this guy has been and we passed on him for player x” is really getting old. It’s like saying Jerry Rice would still be the greatest WR ever if the Jets drafted him. There’s absolutely no way to tell and the argument is beyond stupid. Look, I can even turn it the other way…

    If the Browns passed on McCoy, he would have eventually been drafted by San Fran, where he would turn into the starter and take them to the playoffs. Kaepernick would never be on their radar and would just be a backup who never gets a real chance. The Browns take Jake Locker the following year and, you get my point.

    Colt, good luck in SanFran.

  • Garry_Owen

    But can you BELIEVE that Modell let Marty just walk like that?????

  • BenRM

    Colt doesn’t fit “forward pass” systems.

  • BenRM

    This comment needed more love. Well played, sir.