Browns fans to be treated to exclusive NFL-mandated video footage

Fans of the Cleveland Browns who opt to watch contests within the confines of FirstEnergy Stadium will be treated to some behind-the-scenes video beginning in 2013.

In the league’s on-going efforts to provide paying fans with improved in-stadium experiences, all 32 NFL teams will be mandated to have cameras within the locker room that will feed footage exclusively to monitors and scoreboards. Use of the cameras is mandatory NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently confirmed, and no team will be exempt from airing footage—teams will get to decide what footage gets aired, however. In addition, this footage will be able to be viewed on team-specific smartphone apps.

The league is also mandating that replays of important plays – fumbles, scoring plays, catches on the boundary – be shown in the stadium, even if the replay may not show an outcome that is favorable to the home team as it has been handled in the past. In many stadiums, replays are withheld if they would help the visiting team as coaches have the ability to view the play on stadium scoreboards prior to deciding whether to challenge a play.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, amidst falling attendance levels league-wide, has endeavored to improve the in-game experience across the NFL. While brief video clips will not have fans flooding to the box office, it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

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    Locker room cameras are fine I suppose, but something I think could get butts in seats is fast, free wifi while in the stadium that also unlocks free streaming redzone channel on your smartphone. I’m not really a tech guy, but there has to be some way to unlock an app if you’re inside the confines of an NFL stadium during gametime.

    People can watch the game in front of them as well as redzone channel for their fantasy updates.

  • JHop

    Maybe a code on your ticket for that game allows you to activate the stadium wifi from an hour before to an hour after the game? That could work.

    But seriously, what about lowering ticket prices? Nothing would get people in seats faster than if all ticket prices were reduced 10+%.

  • arnold_palmer

    Or what if every ticket purchased also included one drink and one hotdog

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I want to be able to control a player via remote control or at the least be able to shock them via an embedded cattle prod whenever I am displeased with their effort! ;o)

  • James

    Now I’ll rush to the stadium knowing if I get there early I get to see everyone in the locker room changing..

  • The Browns have THE lowest average ticket price in the NFL ($54); their “fan cost index” is the second-lowest. There isn’t going to be any drop in prices—increasing what fans get for their money, however, is attainable.

  • This is a great idea!

  • Petefranklin

    If we had that technology last year, the power outages around Cleveland on gamedays would have been severe with all the juice used on Shurmer’s prod. That would have been hilarious though watching him twitch uncontrollably after another doomed screen pass play call on 3rd and seven.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’d have gladly paid to have the opportunity to shock Shurmur!

  • Natedawg86

    Would you like a phone charger in your seat too? ha lol

  • Natedawg86

    Did you say shock or choke?


    I’m not saying this is what it will take to get my butt in a seat, but while you mention it, a plug is a fantastic idea! I can just imagine the conversation now….

    Me: “Honey, let’s go to the Browns game this weekend”
    Wife: “Not a chance, it’s wayyyyyyyyy too cold”
    Me: “But there’s a plug in each seat and you can take your heated blanket”
    Wife: “Yay, I love going to Browns games!”

    Being an engineer that primarily works on data centers I know this would be a major investment to retrofit a stadium and may require re-designing the electrical infrastructure to handle 30,000 additional plugs (2 seats per duplex receptacle) but this should be standard in new stadiums (at least certain sections…think Indians’ Social Suite x 10).

  • Do the Browns even have a video board at the stadium?

    Oh wait, it’s smaller than the TV in my basement…..

  • simond

    are the browns really going to bleep out all the cussing and yelling pre-game? i always picture a football locker room being like the one in “the program”

  • Capitalgg


  • Capitalgg

    Not smaller, just a lower definition.

  • EnabledVet

    If attendance is dropping, it’s because people are busy worring about their everyday existence and not their favorite diva performances (No, not the Super Bowl halftime show). Maybe, the time for 6 year 120.6 million dollar deals is coming to an end. Maybe, watching local boys in a minor league game is mor enjoyable that watching millionaire mercenaries on network TV. Maybe, Goodell should try working for the big banks, rather than the NFL, if he enjoys stealing hardworking folks money so much.