NFL News: Dee Milliner claims he won’t miss training camp

A storyline that seems to have appeared almost out of nowhere in the last week or so was questions surrounding the health of one of the top corners in the 2013 NFL draft, Dee Milliner. It seems that a story like this comes out every year, and it’s always a bit suspect to try and figure out where it came from and what agenda it might be serving to potentially push a pick down the board a bit. According to a report by Clark Judge at CBS, Milliner is telling anyone who will listen that he’s fine.

“I’m doing great, and I didn’t miss any time with the injuries,” he said. “All of them are minor. I don’t even how all this got started, but I’m not really worried about it. Whatever teams takes a chance and picks me, I’ll go out there play for them and play on. (What teams should know is that) I’ve been fine, I had minor surgeries and I missed no games.”

We don’t know if Milliner is truly the top corner on the Cleveland Browns’ official draft board, but we do know with a high level of certainty that corner has to be up there in terms of draft need. We also know that if they happen to pick as high as number six without trading down, Dee Milliner could and should seemingly be a potential candidate for the team to pick there. As Clark Judge points out, Milliner is a popular match for the Cleveland Browns in mock drafts all over the Internet.

So we’ll see if the injury news or subsequent rebuttals have any impact on the Browns’ draft thinking tomorrow. When our own TD wrote about it, it was a consideration that represented a 30% swing in likelihood that he thought the Browns would consider Milliner.

We have heard his stock had been dropping over the past week, but these injuries could potentially add to his slide. NFL teams however, have had access to this information for a while now. The Browns still need a corner desperately and Milliner is still the best on the board.

If asked for a percentage of whether the Browns will take Milliner at six, I originally gave it 65% chance. After these latest injury reports, I would lower it to 35%.


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  • Harv 21

    The timeline of this supposed rise and fall is so classic silly season that it must be garbage. Player combine and workouts go well, stock goes up; agents of players at same position or interested lower drafting teams regurgitate known stuff or baseless crap, stock goes down. Player and agent get panicky week of draft and issue denials/all is well.

    When it comes to a high first rounder the teams knew his whole medical file long ago. They know if the rod in the tibia is close enough to the ankle to create a joint weakness or arthritis. They know a hernia operation is no biggie. They know the extent of his shoulder injury and have a decent idea of how the recovery is going. The people who start this stuff probably hope that a meddling owner or team prez will panic and order the GM away from the kid.

    Easy Browns. As Belichik and Ozzie like to say, just trust your board.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    I’m sure (OK, hoping) that the Browns had their board set months ago, basically. All that adjusts it are teams’ moves and any external incidents.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Milliner is hands down the guy I just have a feeling even if he’s available the Browns won’t pick him.

  • James

    Every team has known his medical history for months. People making a big deal out of it now is pointless. If there is any GM that just now figured this out about a player who is high on their draft board he should be out of a job.

  • Jaker

    Trade Weeden, Sheard and the entire draft to get Milliner, Mingo, Geno and Kasa. We on board? Of course not.