NFL Draft Day Rumor: Browns inquiring about QB Ryan Mallet again

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald is reporting that the Cleveland Browns have called the New England Patriots looking to trade for former Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet-

“The Browns have continued to show interest in acquiring Mallett from the Patriots, according to a source. The Pats want at least a second-round pick in return for the backup quarterback who was taken in the third round of the 2011 draft.

The Browns and Buccaneers inquired about Mallett earlier this offseason, to no avail. One snag is Mallett’s contract, which can’t be restructured or extended until next offseason, per CBA rules. While the Browns would have Mallett in their control for a very affordable number over the next two years, they’d obviously be acquiring him under the assumption that he’d play well enough to earn a big paycheck. If that happens, he would control all of the negotiating leverage.”

The Patriots, according to Howe are seeking a second round pick for Mallet. The Browns of course used their second round choice in this year’s draft last summer on WR Josh Gordon. If the Patriots held firm to their desire for a second rounder, Cleveland would have to trade back from the sixth pick to acquire a second rounder to send to New England.

There has been speculation that the Browns new regime is not satisfied with QB Brandon Weeden and has looked at replacing him with Geno Smith of West Virginia, EJ Manuel of Florida State and of course Mallet. Publicly the Browns have said they are excited about Weeden’s skills, specifically his strong arm.

Ryan Mallet was a third round pick of the Patriots in 2011. He has thrown 4 passes in the NFL, completing one and throwing one interception.

Obviously many draft day rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. Presented for your information.

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  • JK

    Lombardi is trying to give us panic attacks, you so silly Mr. L.

  • Natedawg86

    Jabaal Sheard or Ahtyba Rubin for Mallet straight up.

  • Harv 21

    So tired of hearing this guy’s name.

    [Hey Mikey, you watching? This is how you turn a third rounder into a second rounder without him even playing and with his rookie contract halfway gone]

  • MrCleaveland

    Yeah, let’s just toss our latest first-round franchise QB in the trash and blow some more high picks on a guy who’s thrown a grand total of 4 passes. Love it, J.B.

    Sheesh. Well, this madness is almost over.

  • Woods

    A second round pick for Ryan Mallet? Um…No Thanks, click…dial tone.

    My preference is for the Browns to wait for Chip Kelly to select a QB in the draft. Hopefully it will be early like EJ Manuel in the 2nd round on Friday. Their QB depth chart will then be Vick/Manuel/Dixon/Foles. Call him up on Saturday and offer the 5th or 6th pick for Nick Foles.

    I have been advocating for Foles for a while. He does not seem to fit a Chip Kelly offense, but would look good in a Chud offense.

    If the Browns decide to get rid of Sheard or Rubin on draft day, I hope the return is better than Ryan Mallet.

  • Harv 21

    Mary Kay says this rumor is a bunch of Draft Day Shoe Poopie.


    Which means … it must be true!

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Best part of that:

    “Lombardi also praised Mallett and predicted he’d be one two successful quarterbacks from the group, including Blaine Gabbert.”

  • Harv 21

    This is MY town, that’s MY GM.

    (6-6-6-6 hours to go, I need to be sedated)

  • Robbie S

    Why don’t we just draft Mallet?

  • Hypno_Toad

    Mayyyyybe Sheard, but no way I’d give Rubin for Mallett. Maybe Rubin for Mallett and a 2nd rounder.

  • mgbode

    you cannot cook a reuben with a mallet.