NBA Rumor: Stan Van Gundy not interested in current options

Buried in an Orlando Magic notebook article from The Orlando Sentinel’s Brian Schmitz, there was a little nugget of information that appears to be news with one hot name around the Cavs coaching rumors.

Per Schmitz: “The Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavs and Philadelphia 76ers are looking for coaches — three more possibilities for former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. I’m told that Van Gundy has no interest in those openings at this time. More jobs could open after the playoffs end, however.”

Van Gundy, 53, had a 259-135 (.657) record in his five seasons with the Orlando Magic that ended last summer, which also followed 2.5 relatively productive years with the Miami Heat. A noted grinder — hence maybe fitting with one of Chris Grant’s preferred qualifications — he also gained a solid statistical reputation for his showmanship at this year’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at MIT.

Among possible veteran head coaches, his name appeared to be the most frequently listed for Cavs fans in this process. He was one of several veteran head coaches — including former Cleveland coach Mike Brown — on the long lists of possible candidates. For now, it appears that folks can remove this pipe-dream.

Overall though, this shouldn’t be too disconcerting to Cavalier fans. Van Gundy was a long-shot from the get-go. Now, it’s likely just a matter of the Cavs continuing to secure some interviews, which could be prolonged if intriguing candidates are currently on the staffs of playoff teams.

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  • ThatAlex

    I didn’t want Van Gundy anyway. Same with Brown.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Me either but I think his feeling will be the norm and not the exception leading me to believe the Cavaliers will be forced to go the assistant first time head coach route that the Cleveland Browns have utilized so well over the past 14 years.

  • Wow

    Lol the Mike Brown rumors will continue to heat up now.