NBA News: Byron Scott expected to be fired by Cavs per reports

Multiple sourced reports are circulating on Tuesday which state that the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to part ways with head coach Byron Scott following the conclusion of the 2012-12 NBA season.

Joe Kotoch of Pro Basketball Draft tweeted late Monday that the erosion of the second half of the Cavaliers’ season will lead to the end of Scott’s tenure with the team despite having one more year on his contract.

This is corroborated by a report which was  published later in the evening in by NBA analyst Sam Amico which stated, while the Cavaliers would not comment, Scott is about to be fired.

Scott is en route to his third-consecutive lottery-bound season. While injuries and youth have played a role, the Cavaliers hae seemingly regressed since the month of February when they were .500. Shoddy defense and several losses that included 20–point leads have resulted in heavy scrutiny being placed on the head coach. Following Monday night’s loss to the Miami Heat, Scott said that he is operating under the premise that he will be back for the 2013-14 season.

“I am going to be back to coach them next year,” said Scott. “I’ve got a year left on my contract, that’s how I figure it, unless I’m told differently. But that’s the way I approach that.”

When asked how he felt, All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving gave Scott his vote.

“Absolutely,” Irving said. “I do want coach Scott back.”

If Scott were to be fired, Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers would have to find a replacement amidst several other vacancies that are expected to be among the coaching ranks in the NBA.

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  • Quite frankly, I don’t know how anyone can watch the Cavaliers play this year and say “Man, that is one really well coached team, they just don’t have the talent to win.” The eyes see what the eyes see. The Cavaliers have no offensive identity. Were they supposed to be running the Princeton offense? Other than starting the ball in the high post, everything else is one on one dribble and attack team. Oh, that’s right, this is a “running team”. That statement is hilarious to those who watch this team night in and night out.

    What about on defense? What’s the defensive scheme? These players act like they’ve never seen a pick and roll before. The secondary help rotations are late every time. Every time. No communication, no principles, nothing. So now they play zone? It’s embarrassing.

    And lets not even get started on in-game management issues.

    I like Byron Scott a lot as a person. But he is obviously not the right coach for this group of players. They don’t listen to him, and he doesn’t hold himself accountable so why would his team hold themselves accountable for anything either? The mood around the team is absolutely toxic right now. A losing culture is setting in and Kyrie seems to be withdrawing from his teammates and his coach. Waiting for midseason next year to evaluate Byron Scott would be a terrible mistake. It’s time to change things up, get a new voice of leadership in that locker room, and put a spark into this franchise to recharge and challenge everyone from Kyrie Irving to Kevin Jones.

  • Kyle

    Actually, the answer is probably yes. The fans are the ones calling for Byron Scott’s head. Management has a quality head coach on their hands, and building a strong roster on a small market team takes time. It’s a step by step process, and as with every Cleveland sports team we moan and groan and blame it on the coach until he gets fired. Go ahead and fire Scott, then the team goes from finishing year 3 of the long term process, back to year 0. That’s not how progress is made. At least let the man’s contract play out for once.

  • Ben

    Bad Idea give him one more year! He is finially resonating with the players and with a couple more draft pieces and one more off season to develop, he can turn this around!

  • Harv 21

    Accord. You’ve consolidated my rambling points about Byron from the past 2 months into a concise package.

    I keep coming back to the same thought: regardless of the quality of players, or on what level you play, a good coach will leave his imprint on a team in some positive way. Fratello, for example, would take the worst players and force them to play hard and to play defense. All Lenny teams ran precision offenses.After 3 years I see no Byron Trait, not the ball movement offense or running he promised, not a sniff of the defense he gives lip service to. He just looks like a good coach, the way a stuffed lion looks like the king of beasts. This is the most disappointed I’ve been in a Cleveland coach since Rollie Massimino was at CSU.

  • Jaker

    Your first sentence is perfect. In fact, I feel that most people feel that the Cavs are a very talented team that can’t put it together(combination of poor coaching, raw youth and injuries). Look at some of the victories we have. In twins over New Orleans, Washington, Lakers, Raptors and Thunder, we owe the victory to the talent of Kyrie Irving.

    Point is unless something magically clicks and no one has an injury next season, we won’t make the playoffs with a roster that could.

  • “I keep coming back to the same thought: regardless of the quality of players, or on what level you play, a good coach will leave his imprint on a team in some positive way.”

    Bingo. I’ve grown frustrated that every defense of Byron seems to be a list of explanations (or some might call them excuses). Good coaches don’t let the entire team fall apart like this no matter what the talent on the floor looks like. That’s what the Cavaliers are lacking and why it’s time for Byron to go.

  • Harv 21

    Heck, give him 2 more years – a lame duck coach won’t resonate with the players.

    [is this how you play?]

  • mgbode

    the fans aren’t running Byron out of town, his own players are with their play

  • mgbode

    Pops is the best, no question.

  • Harv 21

    if ya can’t get a great coach, why not get a great story. That’s what I always say.

    Then Bernie replaces Lombardi and Alomar pushes out Francona.

    What if …

  • eldaveablo

    The lack of improvement on D is what really kills me. Also, does anyone remember the good old Princeton offense? Those were the two things he was supposed to emphasize, and both are utter failures. I like Scott, and he’s had many obstacles, but I think it’s time to move on.

  • tony

    Agreed, we need a defensive coach, but I like how he runs the offense and handles the young players. And Harv 21 you said we can’t be sure if TT’s playing better because of Scott, and while that’s true Tristan has been very vocal about supporting scott so you would assume his coaching has helped

  • Vindictive_Pat

    “Now we’re talkin’ double team!” – Tenacious D

  • Vindictive_Pat

    This is a great argument. Also, I just want to say that I’m a big fan of Kevin Jones being our 12th man/towel waver next year. Great guy, great attitude, good enough to put in for a few spells and get some defense and rebounding.

  • Anybody who could have taken this team with it’s injuries and gotten it to the playoffs, could also likely been able to walk on water. I don’t think the guy who was alleged to have done that is available for coaching.

  • I said last season he had 100 games (got killed by EVERYONE here included), when its all said and done, you can’t use injuries as an excuse, other teams in front of the Cavs have suffered far more damaging losses. The list is long and deep. Its the injuries to those teams, that have allowed the Cavs to stay as close as they have, and gave this false sense of hope they could compete for a playoff spot.

    The Cavs are 41 games out of first place, half a season, is just utterly unacceptable. I keep hearing youth and inexperience, but these are the guys they wanted, these are Scotts players. Its been 3 years, and have gotten progressively worse. So what Irving was named to an All-Star team, how has he made the Cavs better?

    Cavs primary focus will getting Irving to sign his max extension, when the Cavs are available to offer one after next season. #Decision2

  • MID

    Thank you Dave. Are these fans nuts! Kyrie, Waiters and Wild Thing all missing significant time, multiple new guys added to roster in mid season, one of the youngest, if not the youngest roster in the NBA. The fact is they would have been crazy to win any more games than they have. They need one one really good draft and then some good FA signings. winning even a handful more games would have ruined the plan in place. If Gilbert and / or Grant fire Scott I will have lost my faith in the organization.

  • Austin Car for head coach. His advise would be shoot it booby, and tristian throw the hammer down! haha

  • mrluck49

    Scott is gone, and a Gm, that has players, on the team, that belong in the “Y ” leagues, Start with the GM, Remember Scott’s comments, when they picked Waiters third, I think after the draft, he knew his days were limited. A good coach, teaching fundamentals, Waiters never seemed to understand the team concept, or defense, which he had a problem with @ Syracuse

  • He deserves to finish out his contract. He took this job when no one would andhe did so after “The Decision”. Remember after Gilberts comments after LedBron left what free agent was going to sign with this team? I will admit this was another disappointing season. The owner needs to take responsibility and go over the cap to bring a feel of we want to win. When that happens players will want to play in Cleveland. Right now its a place to begin your career or resurrect it. That’s crap! Its time to own this time like a large market. Injuries did not help, but damn!