Denis Leary cast to play Cleveland Browns coach in Kevin Costner film

Remember the movie where Kevin Costner is set to play Cleveland Browns’ GM? Well, Mr. Costner apparently has found a coach.

Deadline.com is reporting that none other than Denis Leary has signed on to play the Browns’ coach in the movie being produced by Lionsgate.

This is good news if you ask me. The man from Worcester Mass (pronounced Wooster, of course) has developed into a pretty good actor over the years. We never could have known back in the days when he took roles in The Sandlot or The Ref that Leary would eventually star and produce one of the better TV shows in the past decade in the critically acclaimed Rescue Me.

Deadline has more details…

Leary will play Vince Penn, the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns, who finds himself at odds with the team’s GM (Costner). It adds extra pressure as the GM attempts to make the right picks to lift the franchise through the NFL draft. There was a ticking clock on this casting, because part of the film will be shot at the April 25 draft to be held in Radio City Music Hall.

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  • humboldt

    The film sounds interesting, but, quite honestly, I would be 10x more interested in watching a documentary about what actually happened with George Kokinis and Eric Mangini in 2009.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I like Leary but he’d be better suited for a Boston or New England head coach given his birthplace/accent.

  • steve-o

    He’ll need every bit of his dark humor and sarcastic angst to play the role

  • Collin



  • Harv 21

    My money was on Ben Stein.

  • Kildawg

    This movie has to be rated R, especially if Leary is given the go-ahead to use as much language as he wants.

  • humboldt

    He’s slated to play Joe Banner in a made-for-TV movie due out in 2014. Is currently being coached to perfect his disgust/scowl expression

  • JNeids

    I thought everyone from The Sandlot would turn into stars. Especially Yeah Yeah…

  • Kai

    I liked Leary a lot better when his name was Bill Hicks.

  • CMC87

    I was really hoping for Carl Winslow to play Romeo…

  • saggy

    I could see Carl Weathers….

  • saggy

    I got an advanced copy of the script. When they ask him to be the coach of the Browns he says: “Let me think it over, will ya, Kevin?…I got a guy on the other line about some white walls”

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    He is busy fighting the predator and making stew with Tobias Funke

  • funny

  • zonk

    Depends what documentary on Kokinis you are referring to.

  • Jaker

    And hitting on Liza Minnelli

  • Jaker

    An angry Dennis Leary is the perfect guy to play the coach of a Browns team that holds the number one pick. I look forward to hearing the arguments between him and Costner about a hot shot USC QB that Leary craves

  • roro