Colt McCoy on 49ers: “We want to win, and we want to win now.”

Former Browns quarterback and current San Francisco 49ers backup QB Colt McCoy said that he would “always be grateful” to the Browns organization, but his tune is a little different lately.

In a NFL.com article by Marc Sessler, it’s communiated that McCoy says things are quite different in San Francisco, who made it to the Super Bowl last year, than Cleveland.

“When I walked in the building in San Francisco, it was the same feel (as at the University of Texas),” McCoy told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Saturday. “It’s a great organization, and their only focus is: We want to win, and we want to win now. That’s obviously different than some of the things that I’ve been part of the last few years. I was really happy about that.”

McCoy played in 24 games (21 starts) for the Browns over three seasons, throwing for 4,388 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 20 interceptions with a career passer rating of 74.8. He was a third round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, but he was replaced by rookie Brandon Weeden last season as the team’s starter. McCoy was traded earlier this month to the Niners along with a sixth-round pick in this year’s draft for fifth and seventh round selections.

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  • Webster

    Yes the problem here in Cleveland is that we don’t *want* it enough.

  • thenoclist

    He’s right, we suck.

  • LaundroMat

    Can’t the difference be the *now* part? We are clearly in a (perpetual) building phase. They aren’t. That’s just a fact, not a diss.

  • humboldt

    It’s not “Cleveland” that’s the problem, it’s the inept front offices that come in promising 5-year and 3-year plans

  • Jamindunn

    Can’t blame Colt for his statement. The 49ers were in the Super Bowl last year and are on their way back. We’re excited about possibly going .500 this season. Nothing about his comment is disparaging to the Browns.

  • A lame attempt for the media to stir up controversy and rile up CLE fans (yet again). His comments state facts–the 49ers are looking to win now. We are (and have been) rebuilding. I take no issue with his comments

  • Henry Brown

    The were actually sucking for much of the last decade and rebuilding during that time as well.

  • Henry Brown

    Obviously we didn’t want to win, we drafted Colt to be a starter. What a jerk, will not miss him.

  • TOJ

    Colt’s 2009 (Jan-2010) UT teammates may have a thought or two on Colt’s “want” to win vs. quitting at the advice of Dr. Dad.

  • humboldt

    I’m not sure I agree with this. Colt’s statement is certainly disparaging to the Holmgren regime, which took a “win-in-5-years” approach from Day 1. And while I don’t think Colt intended it as such, his words are also applicable to the current regime, which again has waffled on the question of winning now.

    All of which raises serious questions about the larger culture in Berea, and whether the organizational leaders embody a “we want to win now” mentality. Unfortunately, the answer seems to be “no”, as we’re facing down another 3-year plan. This mentality is simply anachronistic in the modern NFL, where a wild card berth should always be perceived as an obtainable goal.

  • mgbode

    I think this is much ado about nothing. Yes, they were building and building and finally figured it out, so now they are trying to win and pulling out all the stops with vets, etc.
    We stripped things down with Heckert, had the youngest offense I have ever seen on a NFL field and were obviously building for the future (only to see ownership and thus the FO be completely torn down and rebuilt again — thankfully, so far, the mainstay players have not just been jettisoned)

  • Henry Brown

    Well its just Colt being Colt. Or in other words, always the victim. He’s really tiring, and I’m glad he’s out of here.

  • Natedawg86

    But what does Brad have to say?

  • subadai

    Umm…. Colt McCoy doesn’t play for us anymore. Colt McCoy hasn’t taken a snap for the ‘niners and isn’t likely to EVER take a snap for them. So..um… why is this posted on this site?

  • Riiiiight. Because most backup QBs don’t take any snaps during a given season.

    It was posted here because he was a Brown as of two weeks ago and referenced his old team, the Browns.

    It’s not that difficult to figure out, buddy. I hope you’ve got it now.

  • BenRM

    Hey look! Colt (or someone connected to him) said something dumb. SHOCK AND AWE!

  • Big Z

    Good riddance!