Cavaliers play April Fool’s style prank on Dion Waiters a few days early

A timeless tradition like no other. No, we aren’t talking about The Masters. We’re talking about the old popcorn in the car gag. Apparently the veterans decided it was time for Cavs rookie Dion Waiters to enjoy some tasty popped corn on Friday.

Dion Waiters popcorn

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  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    So….was he the one complaining about Coach Scott?

  • IMO, it was Casspi. He’s already complaining publicly, any “anonymous” criticism is likely him.

  • simond

    veterans? would that be luke walton?

  • cmm13

    If we tried half as hard to fill up the basket as they did to fill up his car, we might be a .500 team.

  • hahahaha

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Casspi had enough time to pop all that corn too!

  • Ritz

    There is nothing ‘April Fools’ about this – its simply a prank, whereas April Fools involves trickery or actually fooling someone. Come on Cavs, gotta bring it stronger than that!