Brett Myers sidelined for at least two weeks with tendonitis and elbow sprain

The Cleveland Indians announced today that SP Brett Myers has elbow tendonitis and a mild UCL sprain-

The best case for the Indians? Myers is down for a couple weeks and returns healthy.

The worst case? Pitchers needing Tommy John surgery are often initially diagnosed with UCL sprains. If the former is true in Myers’ case, his 21 and a third innings of work will have cost the Tribe well over $300,000 an inning, or $109,375 an out. Give or take a grand.

Let’s hope that doesn’t come to pass.

Corey Kluber has moved into Myers’ spot in the rotation. Kluber has pitched in 2 games for the Indians this season and has a 1-0 record and a 1.80 ERA. He has struck out 5 and walked none.

  • ThatAlex

    This is turning into the Sizemore signing of last season.

  • mgbode

    he’s an innings eater who won’t throw many quality innings, but will throw alot of innings, yammer, yammer, yammer…

  • Garry_Owen

    That rushing wind sound you hear is the collective sigh of relief from “Indians Nation.”

    Wait, that sounds like a real reservation – not that we have any reservations . . .

  • mgbode

    our real reservations were about Myer’s pitching

  • JNeids

    I made reser…I, uh, I arranged for the appropriate accommodation.

  • Steve

    The guy has been a solid innings eater, and was a decent bet to be so again this year. Sometimes you win with a point of four, that doesn’t mean you should have expected to.

  • mgbode

    before this season, in his past 6 seasons, he had 3 years of 190+ IP and 3 years of less than 71 IP and is now 32yo. that’s a gamble of whether he’d actually eat innings.

    since 2007, he had 2 years with an ERA less than 4.3. one of them as a reliever. so, it was pretty well assumed he wouldn’t eat those innings well.

    we paid him $7mil. I will continue to say it was a bad buy.

  • Steve

    In two of those years he was used as a reliever. In the eight years he’s been used as a starter, he’s made 30 starts in seven of them.

    Keeping your selective endpoints, Myers, when expected to be a starting pitcher, has delivered 175 innings per year of 98 ERA+.

  • zonk

    Yah because this is anything like that. At least Myers put on his jersey.

  • mgbode

    he’s a 32yo pitcher, so yes, what he did at 25yo doesn’t really matter now. the reason he wasn’t a starter was that he was ineffective and pitching less innings = less arm buildup.
    at this point, he’s a cruddy old pitcher who is now hurt.

  • Hypno_Toad

    I bought the tickets from a scalp….a uh one of those guys…

  • Steve

    You didn’t choose 2007 because there is some fact-based analysis that shows what a pitcher does at 25 provides no value in determining what he can do at 32. You chose that because it paints your selective endpoint argument in the best light. What he did at 25 means just as much as what he did at 26.

    Both times he was moved to the pen it was because he was on a team that did not have a closer, and his manager thought he was the best candidate. Sure, hes hurt now, but he wasn’t hurt in the years where he pitched less innings, he was just used as a reliever.

    Again, sure, there’s always a chance that someone, especially a pitcher, gets hurt. But Myers has been almost as healthy as it gets, and when asked to eat innings in a rotation has done so.

  • mgbode

    ah man, you are one funny guy.

  • Steve

    So, that’s a concession?

  • mgbode

    no, that’s a “I have laid out my arguments. They are clear, they have been consistent, and accurate, but you refuse to acknowledge any of the points, so I’m moving on.”

    but, if you’d like, then I’ll try one more time:

    he was never just moved to the bullpen just because he was on a team without a closer. he was ineffective as a starter in 2007, so they moved him to the pen. he didn’t become the closer until after Gordon was injured. Houston moved him to closer in 2012 in a desperate attempt to be able to dump him for something of value because he was terrible in 2011 as a starter and they had completely given up on him. They were trying to tear things down and an old, washed up pitcher wasn’t in their plans. It worked.

    He also has had injuries and just because he was pitching in the bullpen some doesn’t mean that gets masked. Myers missed 2 months in 2007 w/ shoulder inflammation. 2008 his IP are dipped from others because he was sent down to the minors for several weeks (iffy on if it was injury or just mechanics). 2009 he had hip surgery (and hit his face on his truck). And, pitching less IP in the bullpen does have an effect on the arm of an older pitcher that can cause issues when trying to pitch more again.