2013 NFL Draft – “Did the Browns win or lose?” with Scott Raab – WFNY Podcast – 2013-04-29

WFNY Podcast LogoScott Raab wasn’t enthused this morning after the Browns’ draft. Craig is cautiously optimistic about the value and strategy. Both finish by saying, “We’ll see.”

  • The Browns’ strategy and value
  • Scott’s dismayed by the Browns draft
  • Attacking the quarterback vs. filling defensive backfield
  • Are the corners really too short?
  • 20+ players are going into their second year
  • 15+ third year players
  • Joe Banner and his credit for success
  • Should the Browns have traded their fourth rounder to the Steelers?
  • What are the Browns’ goals for wins in 2013
  • Re-hiring Mike Brown and Scott likes it
  • Doing due diligence on Phil Jackson
  • Mike Brown growing and changing
  • Halftime adjustments and getting better
  • Is Kyrie Irving going to learn how to play defense?

  • BenRM

    Raab was an angry man at the beginning of that podcast.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I am with you and your viewpoint, Craig. Maybe I’m drinking the Kool-Aid being served in Berea, but the moves so far make sense to me. The draft is all about getting value and lining up your team for future success, and I think Banner did that. I also agree that we can’t get upset with the front office yet… free agency isn’t over, and I disagree with Scott’s viewpoint that the guys left out there in free agency are not any better than guys who could have been picked up in the 4th or 5th round. I keep tooting this guy’s horn, but Kerry Rhodes is a legit starting safety in the NFL. He’s a guy who the Browns could and should sign on a short deal. There are still a few starting-caliber players to be had… where I will get ticked off is if the Browns sit on their hands and don’t attempt to fill the remaining holes at all as there are cheap/short-term stop-gap solutions to be had right now.

  • 216in614

    Another angle is that this new regime is being careful knowing that they haven’t had a season to evaluate the teams needs from within. Stock pile for next year when they will have a better understanding of what they need/ who else will complement the teams strengths.

    They did take a gamble trading within the division but if browns play better in 2013 then they did in 2012 and the Steelers play worse then they did. Those trades suddenly look better. The move actually shows confidence.

  • kdog3

    Well said Scott. “To say there was no talent available in the 4th round that could help this team, is dumb”. 72% of the Raven’s roster was drafted in the 4th round or later or not drafted at all!

  • Harv 21

    Really appreciate how uncompromisingly objective and articulate Rabb is about Cleveland sports. But this time I had to stop listening after 10 minutes. Maybe after a few consecutive weeks he’s feeling comfortable enough to let his inner blowhard run wild, maybe he’s especially dogmatic about the draft, or maybe I just need a little less Raab for a while.