2013 NBA Draft: Lakers receive 19th pick; will go to Cavs

While the Cleveland Cavaliers received initial good news with the Los Angeles Lakers officially making the playoffs Wednesday night (thus earning the right to swap with Miami’s No. 30 first-round pick), it was previously undetermined what pick that might be in the first round.

Per the NBA draft rules, playoff teams are sorted by regular season record alone. The Lakers, Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls were all tied at 45-37 at the end of the season, thus tying for the 18-20 picks in the first.

Finally then, the NBA hosted a tiebreaking coin flip today. Per the Cavs’ Fred McLeod on Twitter:

Overall, the Houston Rockets were awarded pick No. 18 and the Bulls will receive No. 20.

Thus, along with the Lakers’ No. 19 pick, the Cavaliers also are in formal possession of the No. 3 lottery slot1 and two other second-round picks: No. 31 (via Orlando) and No. 33 (CLE’s).

It’s potentially expected that the team might look into packaging multiple picks to move up in the draft, as they did in 2012. In order to acquire the rights to Tyler Zeller (No. 17 pick) from the Dallas Mavericks, the Cavaliers traded away picks No. 24 (Jared Cunningham), No. 33 (Bernard James) and No. 34 (Jae Crowder).

For folks with long enough memories as well, they might also remember that Cleveland was on the winning side of a couple other coin-flip tiebreakers in the 2012 draft as well. “What’s not to like,” eh?

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  1. Here are the exact lottery odds for that slot: 15.6% of No. 1; 15.7% of No. 2; 15.6% of No. 3; 22.6% of No. 4; 26.5% of No. 5; 4.0% of No. 6. []

  • boomhauertjs

    They didn’t really win that coin flip last year since the Hornets ended up with the first pick.

  • Adam Rosen

    I wanna go to a coin-flipping party before I die

  • JacobWFNY

    Well, they won the official tiebreaker. Just didn’t get the fortunate bounces in the lottery. 🙂

  • Wow

    What’s not to like is this sorry team, time to make some moves Grant.

  • Kildawg

    Hopefully the Cavs can get some ping-pong balls their way to get a Top 5 player. Not sold on Noel (looks injury-prone plus little offense, take chance that T. Zeller grows) especially with SF being the weak link on the team (no offense to Gee (good defender, better as a 6th man/reserve) and Miles (good jump/3-ball shooter), but room for a rookie to be eased into a starting role). Plus, who stays as bench players and Varejao is still trade bait.

  • JacobWFNY

    Per the odds, the Cavs at least have a 96% chance of staying in that top-5 with their No. 3 lottery slot. So that’s encouraging. And as I’ve shared with some folks on Twitter, if your top three Cleveland favorites are Noel/Oladipo/Porter, odds are likely that at least one should be around whenever the Cavs end up with that first pick.

    Then, totally agreed on just finding additional role players. This draft has lots of intriguing pieces in the middle of the first-round. I’m perfectly comfortable with just identifying whichever one the org likes best — be it a Kelly Olynyk, a Gorgui Dieng, a CJ McCollum, a Dario Saric, etc. — and using all three other picks (and whatever other easily movable parts) to get them.

  • Kildawg

    Porter looks to be the most well-rounded of the top prospects plus he fills the need at SF. The Cavs used picks last year for Zeller who had a typical rookie year (only rookie from his class outside Top 10 to appear in Rising Stars Challenge, Cavs had 4 as a team). Hopefully Livingston can be re-signed as he would help Kyrie with his game and be a veteran. Walton possibly could be brought back at the minimum.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Porter seems to make the most sense but there are really no less then 5-6 guys who would all help this team, probably even more. Personally based on the fact that Irving and Waiters never really showed the ability to play well together my first pick wouldn’t be another guard but then again given both of their apparent fragilities one could say a guard is needed. This is just one of the issues the new head coach of the Cavaliers will face. With that second pick I wouldn’t mind seeing another solid/healthy/athletic big man added to the mix. I wouldn’t mind seeing Livingston brought back along with Speights too.

  • Steve

    Take Noel because you need to hit a home run. I’m liking what Thompson and Waiters have done, but is anyone taking over one all-star appearance out of them combined? This team needs a second legit all-star, and Noel may be a risk, but he’s got the highest upside available in the draft. We saw what can happen for a guy like Drummond when he gets some competent PG play to work with, I don’t see why Noel can’t make that same jump offensively next to Irving.

  • Harv 21

    well, obviously they have to package picks, or even dump them for players or picks next year. They won’t bring 4 rookies to camp.