While We’re Waiting… This is Browns town. Maybe. Right?

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“It was a simple question asked to a complicated individual. Are you misunderstood? Cleveland Indians rookie pitcher Trevor Bauer paused. Closed his eyes. Waited a little longer. Finally, after about 20 seconds, he spoke.

“I don’t know,” Bauer said in the quiet of the Indians clubhouse. “There are very few people in this world that actually understand me. And take the time to understand me. I don’t even understand myself half the time. “So I wouldn’t expect anyone else to have an understanding on what makes me tick.” [Nightengale/USAToday]


“It’s a universal truth that Cleveland has been Browns town since the team first joined the NFL for the 1950 season. Through (long-ago) championships and (more-recent) crushing defeats, regime changes, coaching changes and more quarterbacks than we care to think about, Cleveland has always bled Orange and Brown. (And while it is cute that the Indians are trying to convince everyone, primarily themselves, that this is a Tribe Town, they need to come back when they draw more than 5,000 fans for weeknight games in April and May. Then we can talk.)

But we’re starting to wonder if the Browns are losing their influence, however, following the announcement that the team will no longer charge a Personal Seat License to new season-ticket purchase.” [Moore/Red Right 88]


Ohio State may have made a slight change to it’s number font. [Eleven Warriors]


Old pal Shelley Duncan– “Shelley Duncan didn’t need a GPS to navigate the two-hour drive along I-71 between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, home to the Indians’ Triple-A affiliate. He spent much of the summer of 2011 bouncing between the two cities like a pinball. On Aug. 19, he was recalled from the Clippers as the Tribe embarked on a three-game trip to Detroit. Upon joining his teammates in the Motor City, he learned the news about his mom. The Indians placed him on the bereavement list, and he left the team for a few days.

Shelley struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis. It wasn’t grief or shock or panic he was feeling — those emotions would eventually arrive, too. First, he worried about the thoughts funneling into his mother’s mind, the perilous worst-case scenarios she could be pondering. When he roamed the outfield, that distress dominated his conscience. It was when he stepped into the batter’s box, however, that he found solace.” [Maisel/]


Not about Cleveland or sports. But should be required reading. “Simply including an ad hominem attack in a reader comment was enough to make study participants think the downside of the reported technology was greater than they’d previously thought. While it’s hard to quantify the distortional effects of such online nastiness, it’s bound to be quite substantial, particularly — and perhaps ironically — in the area of science news.

An estimated 60 percent of the Americans seeking information about specific scientific matters say the Internet is their primary source of information — ranking it higher than any other news source. Our emerging online media landscape has created a new public forum without the traditional social norms and self-regulation that typically govern our in-person exchanges — and that medium, increasingly, shapes both what we know and what we think we know.” [Brossard/NY Times]


Finally, forget the article topic. I want to see the Knicks wear these uniforms once this season! [Ball Don’t Lie]

  • Porkchop

    Brossard is an idiot and that is the worst article I’ve ever read. Well worst article that didn’t have Mike Lomfarti’s name in it.

  • theherd10

    Read the article on Bauer (the quirky phenom), saw the quotes from Myers (the grizzled pitching vet), Giambi (the gray-haired sage in the clubhouse), add in the loosey-goosey “Dude!” persona of Swisher, the fast-as-blazes CF in Bourn, the dirtbag 2B (Kipnis), all headed by the fantastic dugout manager, all I can say about the ’13 Tribe is, “This is my kinda team, Charlie, this is my kinda team!”

  • mgbode

    nice application. and, it is one reason why I like WFNY. sites where they allow constant attacks just lead to fraying from the actual discussion and, even if you are aware, it always can alter the perception of the meaty portions of that discussion.

  • mgbode

    Knicks’ uniforms: okay, I assume you want the shorts “modernized” first 🙂

    I’d go a step further and put the new Knick colors in as well. Blue and Orange is much less prevalent than the red,white,and blue patter on that uniform.

    Love the font and the oversized number though.

  • mgbode

    great story on the Duncan family. i was already pulling for him to lockup the Rays DH slot and that just adds another reason.

  • Porkchop

    Not that it means much but comparing 22 year old Bauer to 22 me he definetly wins the maturity contest. I wouldve responded to the criticism he takes somewhere between Ryan Leaf and Axl Rose going after Bob Gucionne jr.

  • Yes, most certainly add some length.

  • Porkchop

    I agree. Ive really noticed this phenomenon with the Lombardi hate. I ignore well reasoned critique of the guy because of all the knee jerk bombast that gets launched his way. Unfortunately I can only respond with sarcasm which tends to only lower the bar

  • mgbode

    and Lombardi is in a tough spot now too. if we sign/draft well, then Banner and Farmer are going to get the credit from most fans. if we sign/draft poorly, then Lombardi is going to get most of the blame.

    If Haslam hired Banner in part to play the role of bad cop, then Banner did the same with Lombardi. Perhaps it is the smart organizational move when pandering to an overzealous fan-base. Allow some extra layers of vitriol absorption.

  • humboldt

    A “Department of Vitriol Absorption” sounds wonderfully Orwellian. Nice work mgbode

  • Ezzie Goldish

    (I’m a season ticket holder, for what it’s worth.)

    That’s not how I understand the PSL move. They’re restricting this to people who currently have season tickets/PSLs, so what I think this does is put more seats in the hands of fans as opposed to brokers who buy up the seats and then many sit empty. Yes, there are brokers with tickets who will buy some more, but if they’re having trouble selling I don’t see them investing in more (even without the PSL cost) right now. A regular fan however who especially doesn’t want to shell out for PSLs but would love some more tickets (family members, etc.) will.

    This in turn would hopefully result in there being more season tickets used which also reduces the tickets available on the market, which eventually would raise prices in the secondary market and in turn justify a raise in the actual season ticket prices. It’s a great investment all around by the Browns – *especially* if they actually get good.

  • I hope that’s right. It just seems like if there was a high demand for the tickets they would not in effect be lowering the price by dropping the PSL charge.

    I’m all for not having to pay a PSL, the concept of paying for the right just to buy something has always been an odd one.

    As you say, though, winning cures all. Put a good product on the field and everything works itself out.