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WFNY Stats & Info: Cavs stats since the Memphis trade

It’s now officially been 39 days since Chris Grant’s latest act of wizardry, rounding out an actually complete bench for the Cleveland Cavaliers thanks to the help of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Over these 39 days, the narrative has changed drastically for the 2012-13 Cavs season: Instead of a distraught and meaningless season ruined by Anderson Varejao’s injury, the youngins are playing their best basketball of the season. Optimism for the future is high and that is because of the significantly improved play of Dion Waiters/Tristan Thompson, the fan-friendly energy and success of the bench guys, and, of course, some occasional heroics from Kyrie Irving.

To gain a better understanding of what exactly the team has looked like during this 9-7 record and 16-game stretch, I present to you a table of statistics for the 13 players to log at least 1 minute in a Cavaliers uniform since Jan. 25:

Kyrie Irving1334.017.552.0%3.85.522.5-3.8
Tristan Thompson1630.210.948.6%9.01.613.2-6.2
Dion Waiters1628.112.052.3%2.33.415.4-0.7
Alonzo Gee1627.76.749.5%
Tyler Zeller1625.96.447.6%
Shaun Livingston1622.05.156.1%
Wayne Ellington1621.86.958.2%
Marreese Speights1621.310.044.1%6.10.812.01.9
CJ Miles1418.58.459.3%
Luke Walton1217.82.845.5%
Daniel Gibson410.42.840.9%
Kevin Jones48.93.535.7%
Omri Casspi34.41.30.0%


And here are some quick-hit notes on what I see in that table and elsewhere:

Dion Waiters‘ efficiency has been the story of the stretch. In the 21-year-old rookie’s first 35 games of the season, he only had a 42.6% efficiency field goal percentage. So yeah, that’s a 10-percent jump. Is that enough proof yet? He could be really good.

— One of the knocks on Tristan Thompson‘s ceiling was that many doubted whether he could consistently average a double-double. Well, he’s at 14.9 points and 11.5 rebounds per 36 minutes overall since Andy has been out. He’s proving it too.

— As I mentioned before, one of the most notable aspects of the Cavs’ improvements when it comes to the noted Four Factors is their significant upgrade in turnover rate. Overall, here’s the A/TO breakdown: 1.33 before the trade (29th in the NBA), 1.85 since the trade (tied for best in the NBA).

— This shouldn’t be too surprising considering my stat about his Paul Millsap-esque splits prior to his arrival, but Marresse Speights has a very high usage rate in Cleveland. He only trails Irving with 16.9 FGA per 36 mins. He’s getting all the chances — and performing quite well.

— Net Rating, the final statistic in the table above, might be the one that’s not clear. It is the estimated +/- per 100 possessions for each player on the team. Obviously, one can quickly tell the large numbers for the bench — notably Ellington, Miles, Walton and Livingston. Again to clarify, +/- is not a perfect tool at all. It’s not that meaningful. But, just for fun, here are some +/- stats I noted after Tuesday’s game at Chicago:

Ellington is a +64 in his last 9 games
Walton is a +50 in his last 11 games
Miles is a +49 in his last 12 games
Livingston is a +43 in his last 14 games

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  • thenoclist

    Add Lebron James, Greg Oden and a bunch of draft picks and they just might win a title or two. Not 5, not 6, not 7…

  • rick

    “Omri Casspi34.41.30.0%”

    Oh yeah Casspi. I’m sure you would’ve been a great asset on Houston.

  • saggy

    wow – 15 and 11?? I didn’t even realize TT was performing that well. That’s absolutely fantastic. I am real excited to see what we get when we finally trade Varejao.