WFNY Podcast – 2013-03-01 Craig and Andrew Discuss MIT Sloan Conference, Dion Waiters, and more

WFNY Podcast LogoCraig is in Boston this weekend for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, but that didn’t stop him from calling me up for another podcast episode.

Admittedly, I like most of my fellow WFNY writers are pretty envious that Craig is lucky enough to take in this impressive and prestigious sports media conference in person, and so we started off spending a couple minutes talking about the conference. And from there, the conversation kind of went all over the place.

Here’s just some of the things we discussed…

  • MIT Sloan Conference
  • Our strange inability to remember other writers’ names
  • What do we make of the Shaun Livingston resurgance? Is it luck?
  • What happened in Washington?
  • Coming back from catastrophic injury and overcoming the mental and physical setbacks
  • Polarization on the internet
  • Eric Mangini and the internet muscles on both sides
  • Should the Cavaliers wait until 2014 or should they make a move for someone sooner?
  • Dion Waiters, improvement, and confirmation bias

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  • Harv 21

    Nice job, guys. Andrew, I find it hard to disagree with anything you say about the Cavs.

    The Shaun Livingston discard thing is an enigma, unless he is actually daring to do more only now because he’s in the middle of a knee strengthening period or because his contract is up and he needs to try and push it. But tell me this guy, if healthy enough to stay off the IR, isn’t worth at least as much as Ramon Sessions. He may have lost his hops but with that size, vision and other skills he could productively contribute playing close to the ground another 5+ years at least.

  • Thanks, Harv. Appreciate that.

    I really feel like this season has been the first year Shaun has really had a chance to play himself back into basketball shape. And the thing I should have mentioned in the pod is that the Cavs are probably benefiting from the playing time Shaun got in Washington. Basically, the Wiz paid him to develop to the point he was ready, just to get tired of waiting for him at the exact wrong time. So they gave up, and kudos to Byron on seeing the tools Shaun still has and encouraging Chris Grant to sign him.

    He is the ideal backup PG for the Cavaliers.