The best defensive free agents available for the Browns

Antoine CasonIf you want to see what offensive players are available, check out the post from yesterday afternoon.

Joe Banner said yesterday that the Browns likely won’t make any more big moves in free agency, but did say that “with a little luck” they will still add a couple players.

Of course, ‘big moves’ is a little subjective.

The Browns wouldn’t have to spend another $70 million dollars over the next five years to add a starting FS and CB opposite Joe Haden. But if they were able to patch those gaping holes through free agency, I think most of us would consider that a big move.

So that being said, let’s take a look at the remaining free agents that could have a significant impact on the Browns.



The deepest position in free agency is starting to get thinner. Signed are Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DEN), Chris Houston (DET), Sean Smith (KC), Kennan Lewis (NO), Dunta Robinson (KC), Cary Williams (PHI), Derek Cox (SD), Aaron Ross (NYG), Drayton Florence (CAR) and Greg Toler (IND).

But there are still several good corners left on the market.

Antoine Cason- Depending on who or where you get your information from, Cason might have been the top cover man on the board at the beginning of free agency. He just wasn’t the biggest name. The 6’1″ corner will turn 27 right before the season begins. Cason played for the Chargers, and so new Browns OC Norv Turner knows him as well as anyone. I think the Browns have a good shot at Cason. He left a visit with Arizona without a contract. The Browns will have competition for him, but they could outspend any of them.

Brent Grimes- Grimes is 29 and coming back from an Achilles injury that sidelined him for most of the 2012 season. He is a good cover man, though at 5’10” may be a little on the smallish side. Atlanta put the franchise tag on Grimes for the 2012 season. He certainly is looking for a payday.

Aqib Talib- Talib is no doubt looking to cash in on a big postseason for the Patriots. New England seems like the likely spot for Talib to land.

Chris Gamble- Gamble is said to be retiring.

Nnamdi Asomugha- Somewhat of a surprise addition to the free agency scene when the Eagles cut the 31 year old. While he may not be the same player he was a few years ago, he certainly can still play, and won’t be as expensive as before. He has a scheduled visit with the 49ers.

Captain Munnerlyn- Munnerlyn will be 26 next month. He is a bit undersized (5’8″) but young and apparently a favorite of Rob Chudzinski’s from Carolina, which means anything is possible.

Deangelo Hall, Quentin Jammer, Antoine Winfield, Nate Clements, Adam Jones and Tracy Porter are all also available.


The market here is a little thin to begin with. Already signed are- Dashon Goldson (TB), Laron Landry (IND), Chris Clemons (MIA), Kenny Phillips (PHI) and George Wilson (TEN).

Ed Reed- Is not walking through that door. This guy gets to be picky about where he signs, and no way he is signing for anything less than a Super Bowl contender. The 49ers and Patriots have expressed interest.

Kerry Rhodes- You have to be aware of the Arizona safeties on the market. We know all about coaches wanting to bring in players they are familiar with. Rhodes is 30, and Adrian Wilson will turn 34 during the season. James Sanders is another Cardinal safety on the market. He will is 29.

Michael Huff- Huff was released from the Raiders this week. He’s 30 years old and could be a nice stop gap for a couple years. He couldn’t be worse than Usama Young.

It seems unlikely that the Browns will invest much more into the front seven. Certainly not any players that would receive a significant salary, so while you may pine for an ILB to compete with Chris Gocong, it isn’t very likely.

  • S Adrian Wilson is visiting the Patriots today (Friday)

  • mgbode

    hopefully, he signs there. no interest in him being a Brown.

  • mgbode

    Cason had a terrible year in SD last year. Constantly was getting beat over-the-top. He was good before that year, so if we sign him the hope would be that Horton could use him to his strengths.

    I really want Winfield as our nickelback/slot-CB. He is a playmaker and could really bolster us there and allow Skrine to just fill-in when necessary as CB4. My guess is that one of the contenders snatches him up though (Atlanta?).

    Kerry Rhodes getting cut was absolutely huge. He loves Horton. Made mention of it in tons of interviews. He is 30yo, so he shouldn’t be too expensive. Horton needs to make sure this happens as Rhodes can help setup the coverages for Horton on the field (and he’s still a good player).

    Here is one mention of the love affair 3-4min mark:

  • gren

    I wouldn’t mind if Corner was one of the needs we addressed in the draft (1st or 3rd round that is).

  • TSR3000

    Agreed. Rhodes is a no-brainer.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Corner, definitely need a corner!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’d take Rhodes as well.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Winfield said the first day of FA on NFL Network that he wanted to go to a contender. Everyone says that granted but between the Browns not being a contender and probably doubtful they would offer him a substantial deal I seriously doubt it ever happens. That being said Winfield made oHIo proud the way he has played.

  • Jaker

    Competition for Gocong? How about JMJ? I think JMJ will end up starting 16 games for us. Gocong may get cut or traded

  • mgbode

    missed that comment from him. still, we can hold out hope that since he hasn’t generated interest we still might have a shot at him. we’ll see.

    not sure Banner would sign off on signing him and Rhodes though. he’s not big on getting the older guys afterall.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    They had him on via telephone after it was announced he was being cut.

  • EdgewaterJoe

    I have to admit, though, with the Elvis Dumerville screw-up I wouldn’t mind a surprise opening of the checkbook for him … probably just a dream, though …