NFL News: Trent Richardson named in lawsuit

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson has been named in a lawsuit by two women over an incident that is alleged to have taken place December 9th 2012. The Plain Dealer also has a copy of the lawsuit as provided by the attorney for two named female plaintiffs.

The suit also names Trent Richardson’s girlfriend and mother of his children, as well as his brother Terrell Richardson. The complaint alleges that an after-hours party at Trent Richardson’s “compound” ended in an altercation. The plaintiffs allege that Trent Richardson was upset that they “disrespected” his house and that he blocked them from backing their car up to leave in order to enable his girlfriend to begin “pummeling” the driver.

The document names six counts including battery, assault, emotional distress, civil conspiracy and emotional distress before a jury demand.

The Browns are aware of the lawsuit according to the PD report.

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  • Eric G

    Excellent news

  • ohiobamma

    Seriously!? Come to my house and disrespect it your damn well sure im gonna allow my wife to start pummeling you if your female, male im gonna pummel you! Honestly from what i read and heard trent should have never let these hood rats “jetsey catcher” in to begin with. Trent i feel bad for you, you tried to be a host and redpect everyone but you gotta learn you can take them outta the ghetto but can’t take tje ghetto outta them

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  • Jaker

    It’s good we don’t win that much

  • Steve

    How completely unbiased and mature.