NFL News: CB Brent Grimes signs with Miami Dolphins

Former Falcons pro-bowl corner back Brent Grimes signed a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins. The deal is worth a reported $5.5 million.

Grimes, who only appeared in one game last season due to a torn Achilles tendon, made a visit Cleveland back on March 16th but left without a deal.

ESPN’s Brent Sobleski tweeted that the Browns were offering Grimes similar salary (slightly less), but spread out over a couple years.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported that the Browns, who have $28 million in cap space, weren’t willing to match the high price for a player coming off a torn ACL.

Grimes, 29, was undrafted out Shippenburg University (GO SEA DEVILS!) in 2007 and spent the past six seasons with the Falcons. Grimes made the Pro Bowl in 2010 and the Falcons used the franchise tag on him following the 2011 season.

With Grimes off the market, the Browns are still looking for a corner back to play opposite of Joe Haden. Missing out on Grimes should only increase speculation that the Browns could take Alabama CB Dee Milliner with the 6th pick in the 2013 NFL draft on Thursday, April 25th.

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  • MIAtime13

    A good pick up for the Dolphins. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go and step in play close to where he was before the injury.

  • So please explain to me who the starting corner opposite of Joe Hadden is supposed to be if we are not able to draft Millner? I don’t understand what the browns are doing…

  • TSR3000

    Yes we need a CB but no we shouldn’t overpay for a guy coming off an ACL. Plenty of options still out there.

  • Jaker

    The sky has fallen

  • Garry_Owen

    You must have missed the part explaining that the PLAYER decided where he would play. That’s what being a FREE agent is all about. It wasn’t a draft.

  • Garry_Owen

    First Robert Griffin The Third (Powerful and Mighty).

    Then Chip “The Guarantee,” aka “The Unbeatable Mind” Kelly.

    Now this?

    Why does God hate us so very much???????????

  • Garry_Owen

    Shh. You’re making sense, which is really messing with my woe-is-me.

  • Oh come on. Don’t tell me you weren’t this pissed too when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

  • What options

  • You clearly didn’t understand what I’m saying, paying Grimes as much as the dolphins is not bad when we have as much cap space as we do. They had a chance to match if you read the article and didn’t so the browns had a chance but didn’t want to go that high. I what part of my statement did I say he was gonna be drafted? Please tell me whos playng corner Owens? Give me a break. I would rather have Sheldon Brown back. Millner is the only option left and with the Browns luck hes not gonna fall to them. Joe Haden doesn’t have as high of value if there just picking on the crap second starter and tourching him. You saw it last year they stayed away from Haden.

  • Garry_Owen

    You obviously don’t understand what I’m saying.

  • jason bolt

    We dont need an older injured CB. dont get caught up in hype