NFL News: Browns’ Michael Lombardi to have title changed to General Manager

It was a bit of a tongue twister for Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam to say “Vice President of Player Personnel” in the news conference when Mike Lombardi was hired. At least that’s what I assumed when he kept referring to Lombardi as the Browns’ new GM.

Well, now it appears that the confusion will be gone as Pro Football Talk reports that the Browns will change it.

As for Ray Farmer being the new Assistant GM, here’s the scoop. Farmer is a former 1996 fourth round draft pick out of Duke. He played for the Eagles from 1996-1998 and was most recently the Director of Pro Personnel for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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  • And the world replied, “Meh.”

  • BomberDawg

    A thousand bucks says he was brought on because they already don’t like Lombardi.

  • Harv 21

    Another sound application of the adjustment marketing theory. Deny he’s the only candidate, text exposure at the introductory presser where he professes love for the city and all its inhabitants, tactical retreat and sequestering at the Combine.

    Next year’s title if draft isn’t universally panned: Infallible Wizard of Personnel. Otherwise, another tactical retreat.

  • JHop

    Ray Farmer should’ve been the Browns’ GM to begin with

  • MallaLubba

    Is it just me or are NFL front office titles as meaningless as ever, lately?

  • Garry_Owen

    Despite the fact that the Eagles got Chip Kelly and the Browns didn’t, this makes sense.

  • LaundroMat

    So who’s the Czar?

  • Lunch

    Considering that I just found a quote from Joe Banner calling Ray Farmer a “top, top tier talent evaluator.”, I would have to agree with you.

  • TSR3000

    If dude can find us 2-3 legit starters in the draft this year he will shut a lot of people up. If he doesn’t, the pitchforks are already sharpened. I would have preferred someone much less polarizing and distracting.

  • Lunch

    If this was Banner’s plan all along, then why didn’t he just rehire Tom Heckert as a assistant?

  • Big Z

    Poop by any other name is still poop…

  • Roosevelt

    Any time you have a chance to hire a guy who worked for one of the worst franchises in sports as an assistant to a guy who couldn’t get a job for any franchises in sports, you have to do it.

  • mgbode

    would you take a demotion to make the same pay as you would earn staying at home? also, realizing that demotion may make it more difficult to obtain future GM position compared to taking that “sabbatical” year.

  • Jaker

    So who will be responsible to convince Free Agents to come here? Is that Banner or Lombo?

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    That guy who worked for one of the worst franchises in sports happened to send 6 players drafted under his watch to the Pro Bowl this year.

  • I remember pitching the Farmer possibility out right after the Lombardi hire (read: freak out/panic mode), and you said there would be room in the org chart. I’m not saying you were wrong, so much as I’m saying I was right:)

  • Fern

    I’ll still be calling him “Vice President PeePee”, thank you very much.

  • Harv 21

    ok, look, first a general response. No memory of that. I see why I would have said it but anyway look, I’m frequently wrong. About Francona never coming here, about rookies J-Honey Peralta and Colt McCoy having that je ne sais quoi , about how no one would set up a national tv event in order to embarrass their own team and torch their own brand, etc. If this makes you happy, stay tuned, there will certainly be more.

    Generally, this is my happy place, where there is only today, no yesterday regrets or tomorrow worries. I cannot, nay, will not dwell on yesterday’s comments, mine, yours or Isis’s (all bow heads and reflect on his name, in simultaneous relief and grudging respect) . Please do not urinate in the happy place. Not good for any of us.

  • Wow

    Well I’m sure WKNR and The Fan will have a heart attack over this.

  • cmm13

    Call me crazy but I am pretty sure the title change was due to the NFL rule stating that by stealing Farmer without asking permission he must be promoted not moved laterally.

    Because Lombardi was holding the title Farmer had in AZ Farmer either has to be elevated to GM or Assistant GM with Lombardi moving into the GM title.

    Ya follow?

  • Lunch

    Just to keep food on the table when certain high level job positions are unavailable, getting rehired at a lower position may be an option to look into. But, I didn’t realize his contract was still valid. Therefore, I don’t think this option is needed right now.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Sad if true. The only reason our GM got the title was so they could hire his assistant. We’re the worst.

  • cmm13

    It just makes me wonder if this was always the plan or has something gone wrong so quickly with Lombardi not being up to speed with the league having been in front of a camera so long and the need to get a “football guy” in there became evident.

  • Ha, sorry man…I was just making a little joke! Didn’t mean to rile. Anyway, I’ll give you a happy place again with an uptick!

  • Harv 21

    Tempting, but I’d shorten it, maybe to “VP PP”

  • porckchop

    I just saw Mike Lombardi’s name and had to comment that whatever this story is has to be the worst thing ever in the history of anything, because Mike Lombardi is the worst thing ever in the history of anything. I don’t care if this is a story about Lombardi curing moderate to severe – but not mild – plaque psoriasis. If his name is mentioned I must remind everyone of how terrible he is and by extension the horribleness of any human being associated with him.
    Top three things you may have thought were worse than Mike Lombardi but really aren’t.
    1. Nazi Zombie Canibal Robots built in Pittsburgh and programmed with a single mission of devouring everyone in NE Ohio.
    2. Having to watch and comment positively on every moron’s posting of their own Harlem Shake video.
    3. People who demand gluten free alcohol.

  • mgbode


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Speaking of Heckert….