Mock NFL Draft: ESPN’s McShay changes Browns’ target to Dee Milliner

Jumping ship after months of having the Cleveland Browns pegged with a pass-rusher, ESPN’s NFL Draft expert Todd McShay says that the Orange and Brown will now land cornerback Dee Milliner with the sixth-overall pick this spring.

Per McShay:

Analysis: I wasn’t as high as some others on Browns QB Brandon Weeden during last year’s draft process, but even I believe he deserves at least one year to prove what he can do under new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, whose system should play to Weeden’s strength as a big-armed passer who can drive the ball downfield. That leaves cornerback as a top need area, and Milliner is a no-brainer if he’s available. His instincts, recognition skills and discipline are impressive, and he’s reliable in run support. Milliner would be an excellent complement to current Browns starter Joe Haden.

Ignoring that giant first sentence that is just a way to say “no” to West Virginia’s Geno Smith, this would provide the Browns with one of the draft’s highest-rated prospects (Millner is No. 2 on Kiper’s Big Board) with the sixth pick in the draft. Consider that it not only addresses a need, but does so via a 6-foot-1-inch play maker with top-flight speed who would provide the Browns with a pair of high-profile backs to help bolster their pass-rush even more.

McShay, as well as colleague Mel Kiper Jr., had the Browns selecting the edge-rushing Dion Jordan in his most recent mock draft, but the class’ top pass rusher has seen his name skyrocket to the No. 2 spot which belongs to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Others who presently have Millner to the Browns in their respective mock drafts include Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks, and NFL.com’s Charlie Casserly and Daniel Jeremiah.

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  • TightGlove.com

    Minnifield; Milliner, it’s all good.

  • JK

    I’m on board.

    Curious though, does he compare at all to Joe in college? Better prospect, worse prospect, etc.

  • mgbode

    just getting our hopes up so we’ll be let down when JAX, Philly or Detroit takes him.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Milliner has been by man for a long while now and I’m trying hard to fight the feeling which mgbode mentions.

  • Harv 21

    My fervent draft prayer is that Lombardi not get panicky and overthink his first draft, like trying wild moves up and down to recoup that second rounder. If Milliner is there at 6 you take him. It’s a position of crying need and he’s supposed to be very good. Two good corners and a good line can hide the poor coverage of our safeties. Add a decent offense under Norv and – poof – we’re eyes to eyes with mediocre, baby.

    Progress is good.

  • mgbode

    of course, a 2-14 season guarantees us either one of next year’s excellent crop of QBs (Johnny Football!!! Bridgewater!!! Boyd!!!) or Clowney.


  • maxfnmloans

    I watched Milliner play two games this season, and he was all over the field in both of them.

    We have safeties plural? I thought we were playing 10 on 11 while Usama Young rammed his head into whatever object got in his way

  • saggy

    Mighty Millie.

  • matt underwood

    If McCay and Kiper were so smart, why hasnt a pro football team hired them? The Red Sox hired Bill James, I find him to be the most similar individual

  • paulbip

    McShaw is wrong as always. Milliner would be great if he could tackle. The Browns need future all pro Warmack at OG. How many holes did Richardson have to run through last year? Answer, NONE! The Guard play is horrible.