NFL Free Agency: TE Dustin Keller signs with Miami; Kevin Kolb released

Scratch another TE off the market. Former Jets tight end Dustin Keller has agreed to a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins this morning-

The Browns currently have Jordan Cameron and Gary Barnidge at the tight end position. There was never a report they had interest in Keller, but they have had contact with TE Fred Davis and should be motivated to bring in another tight end.

In other NFL news, the Arizona Cardinals have released QB Kevin Kolb after just one season with the team. The Cardinals gave up a second round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Eagles for Kolb after the 2011 season.

There is some speculation that he could resign with the Cardinals on a less expensive deal, or he could possibly land in New York to compete with Mark Sanchez.

It is worth noting that Browns’ CEO Joe Banner drafted Kolb when he was in Philadelphia.

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  • Patrick McMenamin

    Thought Kolb had 2 seasons with Cardinals?

  • Robbie S

    Hasn’t Kolb been in Arizona for 2 years?

    I would love to see us take a run at Brandon Myers.

  • mgbode

    Kolb went 6-8 in Arizona with a 83QBrating behind that atrocious OL and no running game. Also, he had Larry Fitzgerald.

    wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t great either. the main point was that
    he couldn’t stay healthy and he was being paid to be an above average

    i wouldn’t mind him as a backup.

  • Natedawg86

    We have a backup. Is McCoy gone then? I say put eggs in Weedens basket. If he stinks bigtime after 8 games, move to McCoy. If McCoy is awful those 8, look for new QB in draft in 2014

  • mgbode

    if we signed Kolb, then Colt would have to fight him to be the backup or we could just cut Colt (which he would likely request). Either way, we are putting our eggs in the Weeden basket for 2013.

  • Jaker

    Fred Davis would be a huge signing. Guy is loaded with potential and athleticism, and probably wouldn’t cost much considering the market for TE needy teams is low, his former drug suspension, his Achilles injury and the fact that he hasn’t put it all together yet. I know those seem like 4 reasons not to sign the guy, but I think it’d be a low risk high reward situation. I would love that signing.

    I’d only want Kolb if we could trade McCoy and get a mid round pick. Cutting him gets us nothing. A 4th or 5th rounder gets us depth at CB.

  • You guys should be leery of eggs in Weeden’s basket…his biological clock is almost up. (shakes head at Weeden old joke)

  • bossman09

    because 20+ games with McCoy wan’t enought? McCoy has more starts than Kolb…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Fred Davis or Brandon Myers would be the top two TEs on my wish list if I had a wish list for TE. I prefer to see a CB signed.

  • JHop

    Browns just need to sign Antoine Cason and one the two aforementioned TEs so we can move on and just focus on the draft.