NFL Free Agency: Kellen Winslow claims Browns are “interested”

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk found this interesting nugget on former Brown Kellen Winslow II-

“Free agent tight end Kellen Winslow says his career is definitely not over, and he already knows there are teams interested in him for the 2013 season.

Winslow said on NFL AM that Browns coach Rob Chudzinski, who coached him at the University of Miami, is interested in bringing him back to Cleveland. He also said the Raiders are still interested, and the Panthers have reached out as well.”

Winslow was selected by the Browns in 2004 (sixth pick overall). A motorcycle accident and an injury on special teams cost him 30 games of his first two seasons. Winslow caught 219 passes for 2459 yards and 11 touchdowns for the Browns.

The Browns have signed a pair of free agent tight ends already, though none have had the career that Winslow has had. Of course, if the Browns were interested in having a veteran TE on the roster who isn’t as fast as he used to be, they could have had Ben Watson who wanted to stay.

This would be a surprising move to say the least.

Update: As we thought, the Browns have said they have no interest in bringing Winslow back. More than likely Winslow’s comments were meant as some sort of leverage.

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  • RGB

    Let’s sign every free agent tight end to one-year deals. One is bound to work out…theoretically… *facepalm*

  • maxfnmloans

    Cannot block, cannot practice regularly due to knee degredation, and has way to high of an opinion of himself. Does not fit in with front office’s plan to acquire younger players in FA. Sounds like an aging vet who isn’t what he was, and he is having trouble dealing with that. Also it seems like he is trying to find an in with an past coach he had success with. Kellen Winslow is still only about Kellen Winsolw. DO. NOT. WANT.

  • JHop

    While the Browns are lacking pass catching ability from the TE position, they also have a serious lack of funny motorcycle crash videos. I think they’re just trying to strengthen the team in the latter.

  • Garry_Owen

    Oh yeah. Let’s get the band back to together! Winslow on lead guitar, DA on lead vocals, Braylon on drums, (Chud is obviously the manager), Jamal Lewis has dusted off the bass guitar, I hear. Let’s get Romeo on the tambourine.

  • maxfnmloans

    It only works if they are on a mission from God

  • maxfnmloans

    While I love videos of people doing stupid things and hurting themselves, I’m hoping for once watching the Browns wont bring the word “jackass” to my mind

  • mgbode

    they at least need to get permission from Arethra Franklin.

  • maxfnmloans

    and keep an eye out for Illinois Nazis

  • mgbode

    not to mention jilted lovers with automatic weaponry

  • mgbode

    what if these crash videos include a shopping mall? they really do have everything there.

  • Harv 21

    I worry that Braylon will choke on vomit. Donte Stallworth’s.

  • maxfnmloans

    Orange Whip?

  • porkchop

    Will they play both kinds of music?

  • mgbode

    yes, country and western.

  • mgbode

    you gotta learn not to talk to nuns that way.

  • maxfnmloans

    As a matter of fact, I’ll throw in the black keys for free