Byron Scott: Spurs are best team in the NBA, have best talent

[San Antonio] didn’t give it to us easy. In the fourth quarter especially in the last five or six minutes and that’s about it. They’ve won four championships. […] I think [the Spurs] are the best team in the league. I don’t know if they’re going to win it. They have the best talent and the best coach, so they have a great shot at winning another championship. I think for us, we played this game really well. I think if we would have had this type of effort last night we would’ve won that game. Again, this is another growing experience. We have to come with this effort every night. We have to continue to learn from our mistakes and get tired of losing. We just have to bring it.

— Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Bryon Scott following the team’s Saturday evening loss to the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are presently 24 percentage points behind the Miami Heat for best record in the NBA. The Heat, conversely, are also in the midst of a 22-game winning streak and will visit Cleveland on Wednesday.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I don’t know about the best talent but what they do have is the best head coach who runs the best system capable of adapting thanks to some of the best (should be most but I’m going with a theme) intelligent players in the league.

  • mgbode

    back-handed statement to the Heat right before we play them. I love it 🙂

  • Yup

    Pretty sure teams in NBA history who went on a tear like Miami’s on have NOT won the title that year. Just sayin..

  • eriksuperman

    I think the Spurs could definitely win another championship
    and, quite honestly, it’s getting real boring listening to ESPN constantly
    campaigning for the Thunder and the Heat only. I am a huge Nuggets fan
    and love our chances in the playoffs, but I guess it scares the pundits when
    teams are either too old, too young, or not experienced enough to have a
    legitimate shot (their words, not mine). I have been watching as many
    games as possible from across the league, and the Spurs have shown amazing
    resilience following the loss of Parker. The Nuggets are the youngest
    team in the league, and have an 12-game win streak; why not us? I
    work a lot of weird hours but my DISH Game Finder app is helping me find all
    the games I want at home. I can find all the games on TV in a matter of
    seconds, and it even lets me set reminders/recordings for upcoming games, and
    gives me a constant supply of real-time box scores. When my shift ends at
    DISH, I go right home and start watching my games! It’s perfect, and
    gives me a chance to check out the ENTIRE league, not just my favorite team;
    ESPN could learn something from all this…

  • Dave

    Thank you! Coach Scott is right: Each of the players on the Spurs knows exactly what to do at almost all times, and that’s the reason why their results are better than the average skill of their players. And their players are quite good – there’s a reason Duncan is called “Mr Fundamental”.

  • Gabber