NBA News: Greg Oden unlikely to sign until summer

It’s been out there for at least a week, but we haven’t explicitly stated it yet on WFNY: Greg Oden, former No. 1 pick and possible free agent to a number of NBA teams, is unlikely to sign until the summer.

Initially, the report might have been first listed in Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears’ power rankings on Feb. 19. It had seemed earlier last month that Oden was leaning toward the Cavaliers, but now such a decision is likely to be delayed until at least early July.

Mark Schmitt Boyer of the Plain Dealer also answered a question about Oden in her Sunday mailbag today:

“Hey, Mary: If the Cavs end up signing Greg Oden, I know they need to open a spot on the roster. I had been assuming that they would waive Kevin Jones, but recently I have been hearing talk about the team buying out Omri Casspi’s contract. How do you think they would do it? — Chris Stevens, Concord

Hey, Chris: Oden’s agent has told reporters that his client won’t sign until the summer, and the Cavs could have multiple openings, since they have several players with expiring contracts, including Casspi, Daniel Gibson and Luke Walton. Mo Speights could opt out as well. Should they try to sign Oden before that, waiving Jones would seem to be the most likely option.”

Oden’s last NBA game occurred on Dec. 5, 2009. He only played 82 games in his Portland career. But, he only turned 25 in January and reports from his agent, Mike Conley Sr., appear to say that he is at 100 percent. So it would seem that the Cavaliers could be one of many suitors for his services this upcoming summer.

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